Monday, May 11, 2009

Open Social: Getting Started Tutorial using GGE (Google Gadget Editor)

If you are new to Open Social, then first thing you can do is try some sample open social apps / gadgets on iGoogle using Google Gadget Editor (GGE) it has lot of sample apps / gadget examples available to use various kind of Open Social APIs.

To use Google Gadget Editor (GGE), please check the following steps

  • Go to htttp:// and login / sign in using your gmail / google id
  • After this you are at iGoogle home page
  • Now to install Google Gadget Editor (GGE) app / gadget / widget to your iGoogle home page go to and click on Add it now button to add Google Gadget Editor to your iGoogle home page
  • After adding you can click on File -> New withing this Google Gadget Editor
  • It will display list to samples as shown bellow
  • In the category drop down you can select whether you want to see Popular Gadgets or API Examples
  • You can open any examples and have look at its code as a reference while building your app / gadget / widget
  • After doing all this you can edit the code accouring to your requirements or copy & paste your own code here
  • Click on File -> Save As to save your newly created gadget
  • Once it is saved you can check your gadget / widget / app in the Preview tab, to verify how it will look when it is deployed
  • When eveything is alright you can click on File->Publish to publish your app / gadget / widget to iGoogle
  • It will show dialog with 3 options as bellow:
- Add to my iGoogle page

- Publish to iGoogle Directory

- Add to a webpage
Among this click on Publish to iGoogle Directory and your app / gadget / widget is published to iGoogle directory

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