Tuesday, May 05, 2009

How to Delete the Blogger Blog ?

If you want to delete your blog at any point of time and here are two methods of deleting the blog

Method 1: Delete the complete blog

  • Login to blogger.com and you are at Dashboard
  • Click on the Settings for the blog you want to delete
  • Now you are at Settings->Basic
  • In the Basic Tools section you will have link for Delete Blog. Click on this link
  • It will show you alert as mentioned bellow
  • You can export the blog by clicking on export it link as shown in the image if you want to backup it before removing it
  • You can click on CANCEL button to cancel deletion
  • You can click on DELETE THIS BLOG button to permanently delete your blog
  • Note: Your blog's content will be deleted after 90 days so it will be accessible to visitors using its URL.
This method has some kind of risks involved
  1. Your blog URL can be taken by somebody else who is spammer
  2. Your blog's URL can be used by some one to take benefit of page rank of your blog.
  3. Someone may grab your blog's URL and fake your identity and may upload some porn content
  4. And once you have deleted the blog you will not have control on any of these
Method 2: Don't delete the blog but delete all posts and make this private
  1. Login to blogger.com and you are at Dashboard

  2. Click on the Edit Posts for the blog you want to delete
  3. Now you are at Posting->Edit Posts
  4. Click on All link to select all posts
  5. Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the DELETE SELECTED button
  6. If there are still more posts left the repeat step 4 and 5 until all the posts are deleted
  7. Now click on Settings link on the top or go to Dashboard and click on settings link for the blog you wanted to delete
  8. Go to Permissions
  9. Now you are at Settings->Permissions here select Only blog authors radio button in the Blog Readers section
  10. This will show alert as shown in bellow image click on ALLOW AUTHORS ONLY button
  11. Now everything is done your blog will not be visible to outside world and it's URL is still safe

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