Saturday, November 11, 2006

GMAIL Drive of More than 2 GB

GOOGLE ROCKS AGAIN.. .......GMail drive.. Chk it out.. Things you need to have:
1) gmail account
2) Gmail Drive software Process:

i) Download Gmail Drive from (takes seconds to download) http://www.softpedi ad/GMail- Drive-shell- extension- Download- 15944.html
ii) Install the software.
iii) After installing, a drive named gmail drive will be created in My Computer (just like C: D.
iv) double click on this drive, login to gmail acct. You will get a space of 2.61 GB.
v) Whatever content you copy to this drive will be sent to your mail acct to which you have logged in. The copy is pretty fast. HATS OFF GOOGLE.
GMail Drive
GMail Drive is a Shell Namespace Extension that creates a virtual drive in the Windows Explorer, allowing you to use your Google Gmail account as a storage medium.
It allows you to do basic file manipulation, such as copy and delete, on files inside the GMail folder. Because it is a Shell Extension, the interface you work in is Windows Explorer itself.
GMail files are physically stored as e-mails on your Google Gmail account. The files are stored in mail attachments, and the filename and file information (such as filesize) is stored in the message subject line.
GMail Drive has already been installed on your computer. All you need to do now, is to browse to the GMail Drive entry under your My Computer folder in the Windows Explorer.

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Gwigle! google search


Gwigle is an online puzzle game that actually teaches you Google search tricks as you play. Each screen shows a few search results along with the search string at the top. One word is replaced with question marks; it's your job to fill it in. It's hands-on education that feels more like you're playing a game than learning useful knowledge.

Glancing at the search results gives you clues as to what the mystery search term is. If you're stuck, you can always hit up Google for some clues. Simply copy some of the text from Gwigle and search away.

Some of the puzzles are a little tricky and it can be difficult to find the answers, even with thorough Google research. Most of them are fairly easy, however, and won't take you too long to complete. You can always bookmark the puzzle you're on and come back to it later.

Gwigle is a great puzzle game for anyone, not just power Googlers-to-be. Give it a try and see if you accidentally learn something useful. U can always mail Wang as he answered to my queries fast beyond my imagination!

The game contains 16 + 7 levels (at least when I played)!

Thanks to Wang for Gwigle!


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Yahoo account password cracking Phishing alert must read...

hi all ,

Today I got the following link on yahoo massager from one of my friend, It might be possible he has not sent this and some spyware sent it using his id, or the cracker might also have got his username and password using phishing.

I thought why geocities page asking me username and password and I understood that is phishing. And enter some crap and got to know it is really a phishing.

so, please do not give username and password at links like following

This is phishing attack to hack your username and password since it is geocities link and it do not required yahoo username or password to view this page.. this page is just designed to hack your username and password..

Try entering any crap words at place of username and password and see what happens..

There may many other such pages also. So be alert, before entering ur username and password u must recheck the URL

Forward this email to as many people as possible to save them from phishing attack.

If u wana know more about phishing attack search on Google.

Software Engineer,
Cyberwerx Inc.

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Hey pals,
After flooding the next thing you are wishing is obviously a way to send a single scrap to all your friends... a very uncool way to forward something as of now (for you) is sending your scrap as a message... I find this is very boring..

So should we ask dear orkut to provide this feature??? I can't wait so long so I discovered Orkut Cute and this is by APC softwares!

Orkut cute is packed with features and you will come to know when you will download and use it! To give an idea listing here some features i really like...

  • U can send one single scrap to all your friends.
  • It also informs u when u receive new scraps from your pals n new topics in yours communities.
  • U can delete multiple scraps at once.
  • U can send one single scrap to all your community members!

Download Options:

Devil's Note:
This version is not teseted by me! So use it and lemme know about which features are working or not!

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ORKUT: Some Misconception, Some Facts!

Dear friends,

I would just like to inform u people about some common misconceptions...


  • Orkut is NOT deleting profiles!
  • Orkut is run by google which is having a 300% growth in terms of revenue for this fiscal year!
  • They can handle any abysmal requirement of processing power or space!
  • They are NOT experiencing any information processing or storage problems as yet!

  • Until Today, Sunday, 21st Sept 2006, there is no way to keep track of where a mail gets forwarded!
  • Microsoft will not know if I send a mail from google server to my friend (EVEN IF IT IS A FORWARDED MAIL) unless you explicitly execute some code or click some link!
  • However may I wish, I have no means to know whether my friend is forwarding the mail I sent to him or not. Nor does Microsoft, Google or any other corp. or inc.

  • Are all men and women undergoing a surgery for family planning DUMB?
  • Woman cannot be made incapable of conceiving by dropping a pill in her drink.
  • Rohypnol is used as a sedative and pre-anesthetic.
  • It is called "Rape Date Drug" because it is extremely potent, especially with alcohol.
  • It initially makes a person dizzy and disoriented and with time makes it difficult to speak or move before the person passes out.
  • Due to this effect, this drug is used by rapists to incapacitate their victims.
  • Such victims have no memories of what happened WHILE UNDER the drug's influence. (They can perfectly remember what they were doing before getting sedated)
  • It is illegal (in the U.S but not in Europe and Canada)

No comments about emotional messages appealing a person to forward a mail because it will either...
  • suddenly make his love of life realize that she should call him/she should meet him/She should fall in love with him!
  • or increase life expectancy of himself or his father/mother/brother/sister/any other relatives!
  • or make something "GOOD"(?) happen in his life!
  • or earn him an unexpected fortune!
  • or because some poor/crippled/terminally infected/just infected/dying person will get money for every mail you forward!(I do not mean to disrespect the intentions but it is pointless as your forwards cannot be tracked)
  • or just because it is part of a world record attempt!
  • or because this e-mail is part of "chain" that many people have kept or going for no particular reason so you should also do the same!

  • the only way of knowing your crush is if both the people add each other to their own crush list.
  • there is NO WAY of knowing anyone else's crush's or your own, if none of the above happens.

Related Link: Get Paid Without Spamming!

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Orkut: Finally a scrapbook flooder for new orkut codes!!!

SCRAPPER UPDATED: (2006, October 29)
Scrapper updated to work with firefox 2.0! Rest is fine n working asusual :D

All the links in post below are pointing to updated scrapper.

SCRAPPER UPDATED: (2006, September 13)
Scrapper failed to work during last few days due to new search box in top-right corner inserted by orkut.It was a minor correction. Now its working great!

If you are already using old scrapper, then uninstall it first!
1. Go to Tools >> Extensions (or Add-ons) in firefox.
2. A pop-up will open listing all installed extensions.
3. Click on Scrapper. This will highlight uninstall button. Click on that.
4. Then restart firefox.
5. Then click here to download/install new version.

Note: All the links in post below are pointing to updated scrapper.

I have just created a FireFox toolbar for scrapbook flooding.
This is my first FireFox extension and created in hurry! Act many pals, beyond my imagination having problem with manual flooding!

Its properly tested, but be careful as i haven't included any error checking code. (Also today i worked first time on any FireFox extension)

Help on flooder is available @ toolbar itself!
Wish u happy flooding!!!

File: Scrapper.xpi (v 1.0 beta)
Size: 5 KB
Download Link: Click here to start download.

Installation Note:
1. Start FireFox! (The flooder will work only with FireFox 1.5 - 2.0.*. So please download it or upgrade it if necessary!)
2. Click-here to download scrapper.
3. When download starts, a pop-up window will appear! Just hit INSTALL n RESTART FIREFOX!!!

User Manual:
  1. Open Scrapbook You Want To Flood!
  2. Write scrap the way you normally write into the orkut scrapbox! (All kinda formatting is allowed here!)
  3. Adjust Time Interval, As per your connection speed before starting the flood! (e.g. 2000 for dial-up, 100o for Broadband, 100 for T1 Line)
  4. Now Instead of hitting Orkut's SUBMIT Button, hit START FLOOD Button on scrapper toolbar!
Thats it! Flooding Will start!
  • To Stop Flooding, Close that particular tab/window!
  • To start flooding another scrapbook (simultaneously), Open that scrapbook and repeat the above 4-step procedure!


Q. Pop-up windows does not open n file gets downloaded to hard-disk.
Ans: Open that file "scrapper.xpi" in FireFox. U can just use drag-n-drop. After opening a pop-up window will appear in FireFox. Just hit INSTALL-NOW! (u need to restart FireFox in order to complete installation)

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GoogleTalk Integrated finally with Orkut!

What is the coolest thing is that the way they have done this integration!
Many people had different opinion about this integration... But as I wrote about adding a green dot indicator beside every profile who is online & using GoogleTalk simultaneously!

So wats new on orkut now?
When u log into orkut, u will see green dot beside some of the profiles! This means they r using GoogleTalk or any other IM network but signed into GoogleTalk service like Gmail!

Now when u click on any such green dot for the first time, u'll get redirected to the page where u can choose ur privacy n one step further ur orkut account will be linked to GoogleTalk!

If u don't have GoogleTalk, please download & install it from here! U wil also get this link from orkut!
GoogleTalk is available only for Windows Platform as of now!
But u can use this service from other IM networks!

Listing here are links so that u can use this feature!

Wats more u can disable GoogleTalk Integraton if u want at anytime by going to ur swtting page n clickin on link : GoogleTalk Settings!
So next time don't ask someone whether he/she use any messenger service!

Gone old scrapping days!
Long Live Google!

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Orkut: Collection of hacks to be kool Orkuttian!

Listing in this post some orkut hacks, tricks which you can use to be kool orkuttian!

ALT+0173 Tricks

1. Ever seen someone without First name and/or Last Name! If yes, you might have tried to do the sane but while editing your profile came 2 know that first name n last name can not be left blank! So how did others did that?

While editing name just put ALT+0173 i.e. press ALT & while it is pressed type 0173 in any field u want to left blank! You wont see any output! (In Opera u may see '-' character but surely nothing will be displayed in Firefox n IE)

2. You can also use this special character if you want to escape orkut's default formatting which is applied to your text while posting on communities and writing scrap!

e.g. [r­ed]Hi[/­red] wont look Hi

if u use [r(ALT+0173)ed]Hi[/r(ALT+0173)ed]!

Just insert ALT+0173 anywhere!
U can also insert in Url's to escape image verification while posting links but they wont be clickable :(

3. You can just write ALT+0173 while posting on communities n scrapbook to post blank scrap n posts!

For More ALT+0173 Tricks n demos click here!

Hompage Field...

The best link to setup as your homepage is
When someone click on this the person will be logged out from his/her orkut session :D

This made many people fool (including me) as we often don't read actual content of homepage field while checking someone's profile!

Do u think logging into Orkut is slow n login box disappears???

Bookmark the following link and use it to login into orkut!

The above link directly opens orkut login box! So it is faster than normal orkut login!

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Orkut: Latest Fan Flooder!

Here comes Orkut Fan Flooder Script!
This is for those orkuttian who wants to increase their Fan Count!
As per my commitment to Open source this is also for Firefox. This is actually another GreaseMonkey Script so install firefox n greasemonkey if u don't have them!

Before Going Ahead:
Please note that on orkut, you can not add yourself to your friend-list! So that mean you can not be your fan!
So in order to increase your fan count you have to either create another profile so you can increase your fan count yourself!
OR just ask your friend to do that favor for you :)

Installing Script:

  1. Download firefox if u don't have it!
  2. Install greasemonkey extension for firefox.
  3. Close all firefox windows and restart firefox.
  4. Now you are ready to install any GreaseMonkey Script you like!
  5. Right-Click here to open a context menu!
  6. Click on "Install User Script" option from context menu!

Usage Instructions:
  1. After Installing Script, Go to "Friends" page of your orkut account!
  2. You will see a [FanFlood] link above every star image! (as shown in red rectangle in following screenshot)
  3. Now Click on the [FanFlood] link to start increasing that persons fan count!
  4. To stop Flooding close that tab/window!


How to uninstall this script?
Refer GreaseMonkey Manual!

Q. I can't see [FanFlood] link?
Read all above instructions carefully!

Still I can't see [FanFlood] link?
Post a comment regarding this issue here or on devil's workshop orkut community with as much details as possible!

Q: I still have questions?
What are you waiting for! Ask it!

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Orkut: HiNew Scrap 1.0 - Know who is online & scrapping u!

This is latest GreaseMonkey Script for Orkut users n biggest also!
When u install this u will receive notification

  • when someone scraps u!
  • when any of your friend comes online!

Also u can choose to be notified in three way-
  • small pop-up balloon in right-bottom corner as shown in above screen-shot. (this can not be turned off)
  • a sound alert!
  • a funny alert will Shake ur screen!
Wats good about balloon notification is that it shows scraps content when somebody scraps u! It also shows name n pic of friend who is coming online!

Another Layout option is there for changing color of balloon notification n configuration panel!

All this can be configurable, which is really rare in GreaseMonkey Scripts! It adds three more links besides "Home | Friends | Message | .... " links on top of every orkut page! One is for opening ur scrapbook and another is for configuration wizard to change the behavior of this script!

Installation Procedure:
Again this is for firefox & GreaseMonkey Only! So...
  1. Download firefox if u don't have it!
  2. Install greasemonkey extension for firefox.
  3. Close all firefox windows and restart firefox.
  4. Right-Click here (Mac User Clrl + Click) and select "Install User Script" Option!
Script Link:

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Orkut + GoogleTalk = Unlimited Social Networking!

I bet this will make your day!
No more scripts & software for adding Real-Time Interaction on Google's Social Networking Site Orkut!

Yes as per following sources:

Light Reading reports that Google will be implementing Google Talk into Google’s social Social Networking -Orkut. Google Talk and Orkut’s development teams are busy working on the integration, which is expected to be finish by next week. Google spokeswoman Courtney Hohne said that they have noticed that “a lot of people that were using Orkut also had their GTalk client open at the same time”.

“This single feature will have a significant impact on the penetration of Google Talk client especially in India where Orkut is hugely popular but GTalk is only to be found on the desktop of geeks.” says Amit Agarwal.

One step ahead from Inside orkut observes that installing Gtalk in Orkut will solve two problems at once, as it will not only create a chat program within, but also an online status indicator as well. What he feels that it would be cool if Google integrated this within their Friend Maps page, as users would then be able to see which of their friends are online half way around the world.

Well I feel Google can add another block on orkut home page showing friends using Google Talk the way they shows mutual friends listing on Profile Pages! Another way to add small box like quick contacts in Gmail (as shown in the image on right hand side)!
If these violates orkut's home page design ethics then they can add a small indicator dot beside every profile!

Well let them come up with whats on their mind, we have many geeks around to serve this new feature as per your need! This will certainly free orkuttian from using quite heavy scrapboy messenger!

Didn't I make your day! ;)
Of course if you are from Microsoft or Yahoo then this is worst news for you as this will push GoogleTalk to a new height that these two gaints union in messenger market will loose its benefits (if any)!

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Using Orkut From Mobile Devices!

Recently I have seen lots of people talking about orkutting from mobile devices!

Before going ahead here is an excerpt from Orkut Help page!

Why can't I access orkut from my mobile device?

We’re sorry to hear about any difficulty you’ve experienced accessing Currently, isn’t compatible with mobile devices. To access your orkut profile, please try logging in using your computer’s web browser.

So today I'm posting about how to use orkut from mobile devices! Before going ahead lemme tel u few things about my environment! I have Nokia N-70 with opera 8.62 installed!
U may use opera mini or any version of opera which support javascript!
With these assumptions lets start the ride!

Login issues!
First at all, if u try to open and get a page loaded with missing login box i.e. no place to enter login information then go to this address! It will directly open login frame where u can enter ur Login ID & password! This frames address is long one so better bookmark it on ur mobile device!

(click on box to select all the text inside box)

The above address can also be used from ur PC to fast login on orkut!

Clicking on button does not work!
As of now u log into orkut but experiencing problem while clicking on buttons! The most common problem I have seen button like submit, delete, yes, no, accept, reject does not work!

The solution lies in JavaScript!

Submitting Scrap!
First thing If u want to scrap someone u hv to go into his/her scrapbook! (The code following are not for orkut's new reply feature!)
After opening intended scrapbook, write scrap with optional formatting the way u usually write!
In next step, without leaving that page(or tab if u r using opera with tab browsing) go to this address:

(click on box to select all the text inside box)

Actually this is not a web address but javascript which will "execute" submit button!
Again bookmark this address by naming Submit Scrap or something! The advantage of bookmarking is that u can directly open the bookmark after writing scrap!

Steps for bookmarking above codes into ur mobile browser:
  1. Copy content in text-box to say notepad and send that file to ur mobile.
  2. Open that file in any editor in mobile!
  3. Copy the script on clipboard! (using edit key in Nokia).
  4. Open ur browser and go to Add Bookmarks Option!
  5. Chose a name u like and paste the script in address field! OR U can manually create the bookmark by entering the script instead of copy-paste n sending a file to mobile!
Now once u have created these bookmarks, u can log into orkut fast as well as scrap someone!

In future will write code for other buttons if i found people interested in this cumbersome orkutting from mobile! U can subscribe to this blog to get updates automatically!

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One Click Add To Friend List of Orkut

Hey pals,
New to orkut???
wanna add 100's of pals (specially gals ;-) ???
Here comes GreaseMonkey script for you!

When installed its add [F] to every profile u see on orkut!
Just click on [F] and directly add some-one to your friend-list!

This is again for FireFox and GreaseMonkey users only!

Click here to install!

Preparing For Installation:
1. Download FireFox if you don't have it!
2. Install GreaseMonkey extension for FireFox.
3. Close all FireFox windows and restart FireFox.
4. Now you are ready to install any GreaseMonkey Script you like!

Note: Person you are adding still need to approve your friendship request!

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Orkut Toolbar (A Must Have Extension)

Hey pals,
first thing I used after coming to orkut is the great ORKUT TOOLBAR....
from 6 months I'm using this toolbar and but never posted it on my blog as I thought everybody might be using this...
but I'm surprised to know that many users unaware about any such toolbar, so posting here about this toolbar...
this is must have toolbar for FIREFOX users only....
so again IE user its time to reconsider about making a GOOD change.... as there is NO DONUT for u! :-D

Listing here some cool features...

  • Toolbar provides all the buttons a typical text-editor have for formatting text (SCRAP) so no need to remember formatting tips...
  • You can send images and flash animation also to your friend through their scrapbook provided they also use orkut toolbar!
  • Provide direct access to all your orkut links like home, scrapbook, album, settings, bookmarks,etc...
  • Comes with a search-bar to directly search a friend or community on orkut...

There are many really cool feature you would be surprised to have....
so still wanna

U first need to install before installing this.

Links: Install Now | Orkut Toolbar's Page
Developer: Renato Rodrigues

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Orkut Skins (New GreaseMonkey Scripts)

yoHey pals,
got bore with same blue orkut background???
wanna change the way your orkut looks??

no... don't rush to news section on orkut... its GREASEMONKEY again..
and again its for FIREFOX users only...
so if you don't have FireFox get it first!!!

Giving below links to few themes... actually they are greasemonkey scripts...

Click on your favorite color to change your orkut background d way u like...

Note: Script-pack will contain all script files, but require manual installation so go for separate links if you are new to greasemonkey's world!

Related Link : Install GreaseMonkey

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Friday, November 03, 2006

Solutions of hacking,

A colleague of mine sent me this link, and being a puzzle addict myself I happily answered the riddles but that fuckin ojofuffo kept me stuck in page 19… anyways I finally got to the last page and saw granny dancing.

Below are the answers to all the pages:

The first page gives all the hint you’ll ever need, and you have to be really dumb if you cant get to the next page. Just replace 1 with 2.

Page 2 has the word “two”, follow the pattern to go to the next level… replace 2 with three.

To get to page 4 just replace three with iv. Think that’s self explanatory, since iv is the roman numeral of the number four.

You’ll get the word ruof which is the number four spelled backwards. Since the next page you want to go to is 5, you have to type the word five in reverse as well, so type in evif to go to page 5.

You’re in page five and have this ffiivvee glaring at you. You just have to see the pattern; you want to get to page 6, double every letter and you’ll get ssiixx.

666666. No its not an evil sign or something. Just follow the pattern, no need to compute… just type in 7 seven times. 7777777

uranus is the seventh planet in the solar system, so you have to ask what the eighth planet is… and the only answer is neptune.

acht is number 8 in German language… so it’s telling us to give the number 9 in German which is neun, pronounced as noin.

sept, once again you just have to see the pattern, September is the ninth month and October is the tenth month but you have to just type in oct since the clue is abbreviated.

Next page will give you a 10th of spades playing card, the next level you’re aiming is 11, and if you’re talking about cards, there is no eleven, but there is jack.

Page 11 just shows you eLeVeN, so all you need to do is follow suit and type in the number twelve, but make sure you’re following the pattern, notice that the word eLeVeN has caps alternately, so you have to type in twelve in the same pattern… tWeLvE

144, now you have to do some math in here. 144 is the product of 12 x 12, since we want the page 13, you have to compute for 13 x 13 = 169

You’ll only get a black page on level 13, so you have the highlight the center and you’ll get the word number13, so level 14 means typing in number14, no space between number and 14.

catorce, is the number 14 in Spanish… so the number 15 is quince

James Buchanan, is the fifteenth president of the USA, and so it follows that the site is asking for the sixteenth president who is none other than Abraham Lincoln. just type in lincoln.

sedecim is number 16 in latin, and you know the rule… number 17 in Latin is septendecim

10001 is 17 in binary. You just have to find the conversion of the decimal number 18 into binary. The binary numeral system (base 2 numerals) represents numeric values using two symbols, and the only numbers you’ll be seeing are 0 and 1.

<-- this is the long way to compute.
Based on this computation/formula you will gather that the typical way to count numbers in binary is 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 and so on. You just have to put 1s and 0s in the sequence to add up to 18, another thing is you count it backwards. See the table below to get to the 10010 binary value of 18.

(Just remember that 1 has a value and 0 is null, so you’ll notice that only the numbers 2 and 16 are marked with 1… so 2+16 = 18)

argon is the 18th element in the periodic table of elements, and potassium is the 19th element. (Now, this one makes you remember your chemistry teacher and how you hated her when she asked you to memorized all the elements and its corresponding number in the table)

ojofuffo, now this fuckin word kept me stuck! How could this meaningless word would mean anything like 19 or be related to 20? I’ve tried different languages but no, so grrr I asked the answer from leslie, and she said the answer is uxfouz. Ok what the heck! I can’t just accept that the answer is uxfouz, there has to be logic. Then when you see the logic you’ll realize that ojofuffo is not meaningless afterall. It’s a sequence wherein you replace an alphabet letter by shifting one letter forward. So a=b, b=c, c=d, and so on. nineteen becomes ojofuffo and twenty becomes uxfouz.

icosagon is the 20 sided polygon. Remember the rule of naming polygons with greek prefixes. Anyways, the 21 sided polygon is called icosihenagon.

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, ... 10946. This is the famous fibonacci sequence (adding the last 2 digits to get the next number). 10946 is the 21st number in the sequence so you have to compute to get the 22nd number which is 17711. The formula is usually Fn = Fn-1 + Fn-2

Aoozy, Booyy, Cooxy, ... Vooey… look for the pattern, and you’ll see the answer. First letter in the word is capitalized and follow the normal sequence of the alphabet. Next letter to V in the alphabet is W, it is consistent that the 2nd and 3rd letters is o, so we now have Woo. The fourth letter is backwards, from z to a, hence from vooey, the next letter to e is d, and we have the word Wood. The last letter is always y, so the answer would be Woody.

And you’ll see this granny dancing

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Orkut is Blocked :( Dont Worry :) Here is the Solution ;)

Tips and Tricks

1. The first trick is to access orkut through the ip address. Follow these steps
> Click on start of your desktop then select Run
> write ping -t then press enter
> it will display the IP address of
> use that ip address like and then press enter
It doesnt work if websense is used for orkut blocking

2. There is another trick to avoi the websense but I am not sure about this
after getting your IP write like this in yours address bar

if these tricks not work dont worry other ways are also there :)
Use web proxies
Well I likes the this is fastest proxy for accessing the orkut
if it doesnt work on your system
go to then on search text box
write then click the first result that you will get then you can be able to browse the orkut ;)

Other Proxy list are given below, all are working
----------------------------------------------------------------- ( Use this proxy with no javascripts) ( Use this proxy with no javascripts)


Check for huge list of proxies available , all the not working for orkut but you can access other websites
like etc by using these proxies.


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