Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Superextravagant C–Metisse

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Yet another fake cyber affair

Just when you thought that you have succeeded to woo a girl in a chat-room on the net, you could have been fooled. CyberLover.ru, a website from Russia, is marketing software that has the ability to initiate beguiling exchanges in a chat room.

It prides itself in chatting up and posing as many characters at the same time. Anti-virus enterprises caution that this could lead to pranksters finding out personal details. However, the site has refuted charges that this has been created to hide identities.

At a time when social networking sites are making a mark by not only uniting long lost friends but also bringing two unknown people on a single platform, this software has only heartened the cyber crooks who could pose as a girl/man to prey on the innocent minds.

Cyberlover site employs the highest level of technology to strike a conversation over the net that has even stumped the Internet security experts. Such is the audacity of this software that a normal Internet user would be caught off guard.

Interestingly, this site primarily targets users from the social networking sites. Now, this would mean additional headaches for the users now.

Kunal Pandya, founder of the social networking site Metrojoint.com points, “Social networking sites globally face such problems. You can not always keep a track on your members and who and where they are coming from and for what kind of intentions.”

He further adds: “they can be child molesters, abusers or they can be fraud people seeking to steal your personal data. Some websites even have automatic robots, called as bots, behaving like real person (real woman) trying to stimulate you and then ask you for your credit card information or any other related sensitive data.”

Analysts also mention that Internet pranksters are abreast with the fact that social networking sites have virtually replaced the old-day chatrooms. “And these fraudsters can be individuals or even a team or illegal corporation working in action spying your activities”, cautions Kunal.

One of the basic things to follow is to sign up with legitimate sites only and never to provide your email ID to a site, which you do not feel secured. “Even in social networking sites, it is advisable not to give away your sensitive personal information” is the final word from Kunal.

Cyberlover is all set to be unveiled during the Valentine time next year. Would this be an affair worth remembering or be cut short? The wait would be over soon.

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sony Ericsson USB port

Concept: Sony Ericsson phone with USB port

This is a Sony Ericsson concept designed by Vincent Palicki. The phone has a big screen and a standard SE key layout with stainless steel buttons. It has most of all common functions of Sony Ericsson phone and the special thing of this phone is that it comes with a full size USB port, allowing you to transfer song, video or pictures files to your phone from your thumb drive without the need of computer. One more shot after the jump.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Thunder Bike

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