Thursday, May 21, 2009

Blog Doesn't load / aborted at Internet Exlporer - Problem with Follower Widget / Gadget

I have seen lot of people reporting problem at Blogger Help Group regarding their blog does not load or aborted at Internet Explorer and work fine at Firefox or any other browser. This seems to be very serious issue form the blogger. I have observed that this issue is with the blogs which has Follower widget / gadget from blogger or Google friend connect.

I also suggested many blogger to remove it and it will work fine for them. If you really worried about your Internet Explorer visitors then you should remove this Follower widget temporarily until blogger fix this issue.

If you are also facing the same issue and if it works well after removing Follower gadget or widget (Or please move Follower Gadget at the last in the side bar) then please post a comment stating the details or else if you found any other work around then please let me know

If still there is a problem in loading the blog in IE (Internet Explorer). I will suggest you to remove all your HTML / JavaScript widgets / gadgets (like music player, some webcounter / visitor counter, slide show or any other not from blogger) one by one . There may problem with one of them and don't forget to take backup of each widget / gadget's code before removing them. I hope this will make your blog working in IE.

If you remove those gadgets one by one so that you can detect that which gadget is causing the problem and fix the problem in that particular gadget later on

Update: Blogger has accepted this as bug please check over here

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