Thursday, May 21, 2009

How to enable or disable Formatting based compose mode while creating new post?

When your are creating new post for any of your blog at the, you may need to do various formatting like changing the font type or size, making the text bold or italic, assigning the color to the text, changing the alignment of the text, bullets and numbering option

This opting can be found at the compost mode of your blog create posting section. (While Creating new post or Editing the existing post, at the right side top you find the "Compose" tab click on that and you will have all kind of formatting option)

If you do not find the Compose tab or formatting options are still not visible then enable it at the following location

  • Go to Settings for your blog
  • And you are at Settings -> Basic, here scroll down to the bottom
  • You can find the option "Show Compose Mode for all your blogs?" select Yes from the drop down and click on SAVE SETTINGS button at the bottom
  • Now go to Create / Edit Post and you will see the Compose mode and also all kind of f

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