Thursday, July 24, 2008

Find popularaty of your content using Link Popularity Tools

Link Popularity Tools


Link Appeal will calculate the desirability rating of having a link on the URL you specify. This calculation includes factors such as PageRank, number of outbound links and the overall percentage of links to html.
Site Analysis Including Link Popularity generates a complete analysis for your website e.g. amount of indexed sites, Google Page Rank,back-links and also if your domain is listed in DMOZ and Yahoo directory.
Link Popularity Checker & Quality Assessment tool :is a tool to find out the necessary statistics on your links and your competitor’s links.
Link Popularity Checker is one of the best ways to quantifiably and independently measure your website’s online awareness and overall visibility to all user over internet.
Link Popularity Tool checks the number of pages that link to you in search engines like AltaVista, Google,  MSN Search, and Yahoo!, AlltheWeb, HotBot, as well as check for your site’s presence in DMOZ and Zeal.
Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer will help you determine the back-link to your website and link text used by your back-link to Link to your wesbite.
Link Popularity Check using this script you can revise detailed statistics of backward links for one domain in the most popular directories and search engines.
Backlink Check Tool is a tool finds your back-links to your website and the anchor text used in those back-link websites.
Link Popularity Checker let you know how many websites are linking to your website. Website popularity is an important factor in your search engine ranking.

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SEO Website Optimization and Copy finded tools.

Search Engine Spider Simulator is a tool that simulates a Search Engine by displaying the contents of a webpage exactly how a Search Engine would see it. It also displays the hyperlinks that will be followed (crawled) by a Search Engine when it visits the particular webpage.
Code to Text Calculator - searches the copies of the given page text on the web.
Copyscape : searches for copies of your page on the Web.
Google Banned Tool : A great Tool to Look for website or blog banned by Google search engine.
Virante: A great Tool to Look for website or blog banned by Google search engine.
Meta Tag Generator :It generates a search engine friendly Head Tag for your web site.
Title and Meta Tag Generator Create sites meta tags instantly to help achieve higher search engine ranking. Includes title tag, description, abstract, keyword, and robot meta tags.
Poodle Predictor this site has a tool that show how sites will show up in the search-engine results ?
Advanced Meta Tag Generator:Using this site you can generate 19 different meta tag for website that you can use for meta part of you site header this tool searches and finds the cache pages; it also gives a graphic view of the results over a period of time.
Similar Page Checker allows to find how much percentage similarity exists between two pages. .
Web Page Analyzer will read the specified URL page, and does a few basic tests to see if given site qualifies as ’search-engine-friendly’ for the phrase you specify. It then gives a report on the good, and the bad points of the page in SEO terms.

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Using Gtalk To Chat In Different Languages

Using Google talk To Chat In Different Languages

You always communicate with your friends…in English. Right, English is omnipresent and you’ve never really cared about other languages. But what do you do if you encounter someone who doesn’t speak or understand English and he is French or Japanese or Chinese or Spanish ... and you need to chat with him on Gtalk? Can you do it ?
You bet you can ! So let’s say the other guy only speaks and understands French. You’ll need to add to Googlebots to your Gtalk account.
1. - Googlebot which translates English to French
2. - Googlebot which translates French to English
I’m sure now you know what you need to do. When your friend from France tells you something, copy paste it to and get the translation in English. And then use the other bot ( ) to get the French translation of your reply and then copy paste that to your friend.
It may not be very accurate but I’m sure the person on the other side would understand it, especially if you let him know that you are using a translation tool. Here are some more Googlebots for this purpose :-
You could get ENGLISH to GERMAN by and so on and so forth.
Hope these Googlebots help you in spreading your ideas further in the non-english speaking world.

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Forgot to Logout from Gmail Dont worry - Remote logout from Gmail

Most of the time it happens that you login to Gmail , Google Talk or Google Tool bar in the office or Cyber-cafe or home and forget to logout of it. Now you do not need to worry about this. Google records all the session details and allows you to Logout of all these sessions remotely
For this just do the following steps:
1) Log in to
2) At the end you can find your login information as shown in the following image
3) Click on the "Details"
4)  When you click on the details you can see the following pop-up window.
5)  Click Sign out all other sessions will signout from all other sessions where you forgot to logout 

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Scratch Message Generator Application for Orkut / Myspace users

Scratch Generator

Using this application you can  Write your message and it will appear in here. Then you can use it on your 'myspace' page, your blog, website, or anywhere you wish.

Original Credit : CooL OrkuT

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View your friends location with Orkut Maps

Orkut has finally launched the Friends MAP feature.Using this feature you can see the Location of all your friends in the MAP. 
This feature uses google maps to let you see where all of your friends are living around the whole world. Orkut friends map combines the power of google maps with orkut profiles. You need to follow these simple steps to use this cool feature in orkut

1. Click the view friends link in the my friends box on your right on the orkut home page.
2. Now click on the friends map tab at the top of the page.

Please know that if we don’t have map data for a particular region or if your friend chose not to put their location in their orkut profile, you’ll see a message “(not on map)” below their profile name. You can also click on the “tiny little blue men” to see your friends’ locations. By clicking on one of these figures, a bubble will pop open to let you know which friend lives in that location.
When you are signed in to orkut account, you can use this cool feature directly by using this link.

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iPhone 3G - Pre registration started by Airtel and Vodafone

A quick update: I was shocked to see iPhone ad by Vodafone on TOI yesterday. Now Vodafone has started bookings for iPhone. If you are a Vodafone subscriber, you can send an SMS as IPHONE to 56789 to book an iPhone! You can also book your iPhone online at Vodafone website. But there is no announcement of 3G service by Vodafone. Vodafone website also says “Currently compatible only with 2G networks. Only select features and services are currently available in India”. Vodafone has not yet made any announcement on price, plans & features. I also tried calling Vodafone customer care, but they know just as much as I know. So, we will have to wait until Vodafone makes any further announcement.

Another quick update: Airtel too joins Vodafone for Pre-registering iPhone in India. You can book yours online at Both Vodafone & Airtel are tight lipped about when they are going to launch & price. But it seems to be in near future.
I will be sending these kind of quick updates on SMS! you can subscribe by sending JOIN TECHB to 567678. SMS might cost you Rs.3 to Rs.5, but it’s only one time you have to send. You can also subscribe to this SMS updates online at

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Orkut - Keyboard shortcuts ...

Please note that different browsers use different control key combinations for accesskeys. On Netscape Navigator and Mozilla Firefox, "alt + shift + s" should take you directly to your scrapbook (you don't need to press "enter"). Similarly, if you hold down "alt+shift," simply press "h" for home, "p" for profile, "b" for friends, "c" for communities, "l" for logout. Almost all Browsers support feature, so please consult your browser manual to find the right key combination for your browser.

» Hot keys (access keys)you can use while on orkut

  • alt + shift + s - scrapbook
  • alt + shift + h - home
  • alt + shift + c - communities
  • alt + shift + b - friends
  • alt + shift + p - profile
  • alt + shift + l - logout
Original Credits :

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Get Orkut Scraps on your mobile as SMS

This is one of the things that we all Indians have been waiting for and could have thought that this could be possible. Now here it is to everyone.
  • Now a very simple way has been found through which you can get your ORKUT scraps on your mobile phones via SMSs.
  • No need of GPRS or WAP or internet connection on your mobile phones.
  • No need of a hi-fi mobile phone.
  • Just a simple cell phone needed which can receive SMSs. Thats it.
  • No charges involved. It is totally FREE.

Its a combination of a free SMSs delivery client website and your ORKUT ID.
Follow the following simple steps & get your ORKUT scraps on your mobile for free like a simple SMS:
  1. Login to your orkut account and click on your profile itself. You will get your orkut id on the address bar. Like in my case. So 2981465128168599186 is my unique Orkut id. Note urs.
  2. Now go to and register your mobile. This can only be done by sending sms REG to 9845398453. This will cost you 1 to 3 Rupees based on the operator.
  3. Now Mytoday will send you your password to your mobile.
  4. Login to using your mobile number as id and the password that you received as sms on your number............................
  5. Click on the 'Manage' link under the heading Feeds.
  6. Click on "SMS" and at the following page you will find an option to Add Feed with two form lines to fill. One is the 'Name' and the other is 'URL'
  7. Now put any xyz name of ur interest in the 'Name' field.
  8. Now in the URL insert this link (in my case). Everything is same but you will have to change the 2981465128168599186 with your unique Orkut id which you created and noted in step 1.
  9. You are done.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Orkut Proxy Access Orkut at Any Banned Network Easily

Now a days Orkut has become life for youth .It is the best way to find and mingle with friends.I have seen at many places Orkut is banned like in school,colleges,offices etc.Even i too have faced the same problem since it has been blocked in my office also.If the orkut will be blocked by Firewall through Keyword ,then it is very difficult to access it by proxy sites like Kproxy.There is different process by small change in IP and free surf.

I just can't live without Orkut,so i find out the solution for orkuting from my office Desktop even after blocking through Firewall.I want to share the process with all my friends so that they could also go for orkuting without any trouble.Here is the process...

Process of Using Proxy :

1. Go through this site for Proxy IP addresses : ProxyBox or Proxy4free
2. Find out the IP address and Port Address with your country or latency references
3. Go to the Tool-Option-Advance-Network Section for Firefox; and mention this address with port.
[Go through the Tool-Option-Connection-LAN Setting if Avant or Explorer Browser,Repeat the same prcocess]

4. Click Ok

5. Enjoy the Orkuting.

There is another process by which you can change the existing text to hexacode can browse the banned site. This Process is not very successful if the site is blocked by firewall using keywords. I have tried it in my office where orkut is banned through Firewall, this process doesn't work here but it is useful for many places.....
1. Go through this link Text to Hexa

2. Put your Keyword like "" or whatever the site you want to access in the box.
3. It will give you some results use the result which is showing [ Hex Encoded for URL: %6f%72%6b%75%74%2e%63%6f%6d ]

4. Put this URL to address bar of your Browser

5. Enjoy Orkuting.

Note : Right Now it is working with IE browser only ; Joke : It is easy to hack IE ha ha ha

Note : Incase of any trouble, Do let me know.

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How to access / view deleted videos of Youtube

This days lot of people visit youtube every day for their favorite video. What the video which you like most get deleted from the Youtube. Don't get panic, Here is the solution to view / watch / access your favorite deleted

Follow the following methods to revoked Deleted YouTube Videos

UndeleTube : UndeleTube is the site which allows you to view deleted or not invariables video again. All you need is to provide the ID of the videos....Like when you open any youtube videos it shows URL something like this "" in the address bar of the browser.Copy the content after "watch?v="from URL which is "XYzabc" in this example URL ID of the video.

DelTube : This can also be used for viewing deleted youtube videos.
Cheers !!!!!
If you like this post leave you comments

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Apple iPhone 3G

Where to buy

Where to buy. What to bring.Locate a store near you where you can purchase your iPhone. Then find out what to bring with you. If you're new to AT&T, for example, you'll need your current wireless account number and password. Find a store 

How to get ready.iPhone 3G syncs with many applications on your Mac or PC. So if you organize your contacts, calendars, music, photos, and other information now, you'll be ready to sync when you get your iPhone home. Learn more 

Contacts and CalendarsiPhone syncs with iCal and Address Book or Entourage on a Mac, with Outlook on a PC, and with Yahoo! Address Book and Google Contacts on the web.
EmailiPhone works with the most popular email systems—including Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, AOL, and MobileMe. And iTunes syncs the settings from email accounts stored in Mail on a Mac or Outlook on a PC.
PhotosiPhone uses iTunes to sync photos from iPhoto on a Mac, or Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Photoshop Album, or any picture folder on a PC.
Music and VideoIf you don't have the latest version of iTunes, download it now and start a music and video library.
iTunes AccountIf you don't have an iTunes Store account, set one up now by downloading iTunes, selecting the iTunes Store, and clicking the Sign In button in the upper-right corner.

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

New iPhone Model Release Top New Features

New iPhone Model Release Top New Features


Almost a year after the original device helped spark a surge of interest in smartphones and positioned Apple as a leading player in the field, the firm unveiled a new, faster version.


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Friday, July 04, 2008

Youtube Video Downloader softwares

YouTube Videos can be downloaded easily using Various Online / Off line Web Tools. There are many web based online tools to download YouTube Videos Online.Watch out for some cool free software to download youtube videos.

Windows Based
YouTube Video Downloader

1. VDownloader is a desktop application that catches YouTube, Google Video, and Grinvi video links from your clipboard. Start it up, copy the video URL and click download. It automatically converts the videos to mpeg or avi formats.
2. YouTube Grabber downloads files from Youtube in .flv format. Copy and paste the URL of a video from YouTube into the program, press «grab», and the file will be downloaded into the same directory as the program.
3. Orbit Downloader is a desktop application which can download videos from a wide variety of sites. The download process is very simple, just hover your mouse over the video and you’ll get a button that says «Get It». The developers of the program claim that it’s very fast (up to 500% faster, they say) due to its P2P download technology.
4. My Video Downloader. With all these free tools, it’s actually funny to see a commercial one. It’s called My Video Downloader, and while it does look solid and offers a lot of conversion options (a free trial which enables you to download 10 videos is available), we’re not sure it offers enough to warrant a price tag.
5. KeepV is a desktop downloader as well as a converter, which can convert the downloaded videos from flv to avi, mov, mp4, or 3gp formats.
6. VideoGet boasts being able to download video clips from more than 100 video sharing websites. We haven’t tested all of them, so we’re just going to take their word for it. It’s a deskop application with a nice, simple interface, and a solid number of options.
7. TubeSucker is a desktop YouTube video downloader with some interesting options, including batch downloading large amounts of videos from a certain user. See the video tour on the site.

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How To Embed Comment Box in Blogger Post Like Wordpress

Please go through following instruction for embedding comment box in the blogger post.

1. To turn on the embedded comment form, log in to Blogger Draft

2. Go to Settings > Comments for your blog. Just change it to “Embedded below post” save your settings.

Adding comment box below blogger post

1. Go to Layout>Edit HTML in your blog’s dashboard and check the “Expand widget templates” box. Then search for below code in yours templates :

2. Change the above code with below code .

or Copy Code From Here

3. Save your Templates and Done
Unfortunately This feature is not enabled for customized or third party template, To make this trick enable in customize template you will need to make a small change to your template code for displaying comment below blogger post as suggested by scrapur.

Cheers !!! Just Comment me if you have any ???

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How to create Orkut Application

How to create Orkut Application

Orkut Application Tutorial:-

Congratulation developers finally Orkut launch Orkut Apps for Indians. Now you can create your own Application on Orkut.
Before creating Orkut apps you need to understand in which platform it works.
Orkut Application works on xml and to know about xml click here.
Orkut apps work on a different style of xml and it uses its own google libraries.

If you want to make your own Orkut Application then follow the instructions:-

1. First of all you need to become member of
2. For this you have to apply for developer from
3. It will take around 48 hours for confirmation.
4. After confirmation you can start making your Orkut Apps from
5. After reaching you can see "add application" button. So enter your xml url here and you can see your Orkut Apps.
It will look like this.

6. After creating your apps submit your apps in Orkut Directory.

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Microsoft Excel How TO Tips and Tricks

You can add some number of days to a date by simply using the =SUM function. Since Excel stores dates as
a number of days, no further work is required. For example, to add 5 days to
1/1/98, in A1, use =A1+5,
which gives
To add a number of months or years to a date, you first need to decompose the initial date into its year, month,
and day components, add in the desired offset, and then have Excel put the components back together.
For example, say you have a date in A1, to which you want to add 3 months and 4 days. You'd use the following formula:

=DATE(YEAR(A1) , MONTH(A1)+3, DAY(A1)+4)
Excel will automatically handle the situation which arises when you pass a number greater than 12 to the MONTH function, or a number greater than 31 to the DAY function.
For example, adding 6 months and 10 days to 8/25/97, in A1 with the formula
=DATE(YEAR(A1) ,MONTH(A1) +6, DAY(A1)+10)
gives 3/7/98.
Generally, you cannot add two dates that are in serial format. For example, adding 1/15/1998 and 6/15/1998 gives 6/30/2096, which is essentially meaningless. If you want to add some number of days to a date, but exclude weekends and holidays, you can use the WORKDAY function, which is part of the Analysis Tool Pack.
Note, however, that adding a month to a date may give you a result that you do not expect. For example, suppose A1 contains the date 31-Jan-2002. If you use the formula
=DATE(YEAR(A1) , MONTH(A1)+1, DAY(A1))

you will get the date 3-March-2002, because the "31st" day of February, 2002, is 3-March. The formula below will work around this issue, returning the last day of the next month if the date in A1 is a day that does not exist in the next month.
=DATE(YEAR(A1) ,MONTH(A1) +1,MIN(DAY( A1),DAY(DATE( YEAR(A1), MONTH(A1) +2,0))))
For example, if A1 contains the date 31-Jan-2002, this formula will return 28-Feb-2002. It is important that you and your users understand what "one month later" means in the context of your workbook.

Calculate Due Date

Let's say you have a bill due every 6 months.  To calculate the next due date from the current date in cell A1 you would use this formula.
=DATE(YEAR(A1) ,MONTH(A1) +7,0

Calculate the number of days in a month

Excel lacks a function for calculating the number of days in a particular month, so you'll need to construct your own formula.
If cell A1 contains a date, this formula will return the number of days in the month:

 =DAY(DATE(YEAR( A1),MONTH( A1)+1,1)- 1).

Computing Age

Computing someone's age from their birthday is simple, using the =DATEDIF function. Suppose that a person's birthday is in A1. The following will return their age in Years, Month, and Days:
=DATEDIF(A1, NOW(),"y")&" Y, "& DATEDIF(A1,NOW( ),"ym")&
" M, " & DATEDIF(A1,NOW( ),"md") & " D"

Convert Date Cell into 3 Columns

If your date is in A1:
B1: =TEXT(A1,"dd" )
C1: =TEXT(A1,"mmm" )
D1: =TEXT(A1,"yyyy" )

How can I calculate future dates in Excel?

Excel can be used to quickly calculate future dates.
For example:
Enter a date in cell A1 (type =NOW() to use today's date); the date will be displayed according to the number format applied to the cell.
In cell B1, enter =A1 + 7 to calculate the date one week later.

Excel's Autofill feature can be used to display a list of dates using the same calculation ( e.g. a list of dates 7 days apart). To do this, select the cell which contains the calculation (e.g. cell B1) and drag the SMALL', OFFSETX, 16, OFFSETY, 16, BGCLASS, 'lore_glossary_ term_popup', FGCLASS, 'lore_glossary_ term_popup_ definition', TEXTFONTCLASS, 'lore_glossary_ term_popup_ definition', CAPTIONFONTCLASS, 'lore_glossary_ term_popup_ caption'); }" onmouseout=" function anonymous() { nd(); }" href="javascript: void( 0);"> small black box in the lower-right corner of the cell down or across some cells. Release the mouse button to display the list of dates.

How to Accumulate Hours and Minutes Greater Than 24 Hours

If you want to correctly display a time greater than 24 hours, you can use the 37:30:55 built-in format. If you want to use a custom format instead, you must enclose the hours parameter of the format in brackets, for example:

How to Calculate Elapsed Time

When you subtract the contents of one cell from another to find the amount of time elapsed between them, the result is a serial number that represents the elapsed hours, minutes, and seconds. To make this number easier to read, use the h:mm time format in the cell that contains the result.

In the following example, if cells C2 and D2 contain the formula =B2-A2, and cell C2 is formatted in the General format, the cell displays a decimal number (in this case, 0.53125, the serial number representation of 12 hours and 45 minutes).

   A1: Start Time   B1: End Time    C1: Difference  D1: Difference                                          (General)       (h:mm)     A2: 6:30 AM      B2: 7:15 PM     C2: 0.53125     D2: 12:45      
If midnight falls between your start time and end time, you must account for the 24-hour time difference. You can do this by adding the number 1, which represents one 24-hour period. For example, you might set up the following table, which allows for time spans beyond midnight.
   A1: Start Time    B1: End Time    C1: Difference  D1: Difference                                           (General)       (h:mm)     A2: 7:45 PM       B2: 10:30 AM    C2: 0.61458333  D2: 14:45      
To set up this table, type the following formula in cells C2 and D2:

How to Convert a Date to Its Decimal Number Equivalent

To convert a serialized date (h:mm:ss) to a decimal number (0.00), you must convert the serial number to a decimal by converting to a 24-hour base. You do this by multiplying the time by 24 as follows



The result is 4.5.





If the cell contains both a

 date and a time, use the following formula:   

=(Time-INT(Time) )*24
For example, if cell A1 reads "6/20/96 4:30 AM", the formula is:   

=(A1-INT(A1) )*24
The result again is 4.5.

How to Find the Number of Days Between Today and a Future Date

To find the number of days between now and a date sometime in the future, use the following formula
where "mm/dd/yy"var> is the future date. Use the General format to format the cell that contains the formula

How to Find the Number of Days, Months, and Years Between Two Dates

To calculate the number of days, months, and years between two dates, where the start and end dates are entered in cells A1 and A2 respectively, follow these steps:
1. Create a new workbook
2. Type the following data in the workbook:

 03/25/94      A2:    05/01/98       
3. Type the following formula in cell D1:
  =YEAR(A2)-YEAR( A1)-IF(OR( MONTH(A2)   DAY(A2)   <=MONTH(A1),DAY( A2)   >=DAY(A1)),12, IF(AND(MONTH( A2)>MONTH(A1),DAY( A2)   "&A2-DATE(YEAR( A2),MONTH( A2)-IF(DAY( A2)        
NOTE: If you copy and paste this formula, make sure that there are no line breaks, or the formula will not work.
If you typed the formula correctly, cell D1 now displays:
       4 years, 1 months, 6 days  

How to Find the Number of Weekdays Between Two Dates

To find the number of weekdays between two dates, where the start and end dates are typed in cells A1 and A2 respectively, follow these steps:
1. Create a new workbook.
2. Type the following data in the workbook:
   A1:    03/25/94      A2:    05/01/98       
3. In cell D1, type the following formula:
   =NETWORKDAYS( A1,A2)       
1,071 is the result.

How to Increase Dates Incrementally

To increase a date by a number of years, months, or days, use the formula

 =DATE(YEAR(referenc e)+value1, MONTH(reference) +value2,DAY( reference) +value3)      
where reference is either the date value or cell reference that contains the date, and value1, value2, and value3 are the increments by which you want to increase the year, month, and day, respectively.

For example, to increase a date by one month, the formula is:

   =DATE(YEAR(DATEVALU E("6/20/96")),MONTH(DATEVALUE("6/20/96"))+1,      DAY(DATEVALUE("6/20/96")))  

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10 tricks for Microsoft Outlook

10 tricks for Microsoft Outlook

10 tricks for Microsoft Outlook
1.Save a few keystrokes when entering dates
When entering the start and due dates for a new task, you don't have to type the entire date. If a date is in the current month, just enter the day and Outlook will enter the rest of the date for you. For instance, if the current month is March and you enter 14, Outlook assumes you mean March 14 of the current year and fills in that date.
When a date isn't in the current month, you can still save a few keystrokes by entering the month and day. Outlook will fill in the year as follows:
If the month and day haven't occurred in the current year, Outlook uses the current year.
If the month and day have passed, Outlook uses the next year.

2.Control how you print notes
If you use the Notes feature to jot down questions, ideas, or quick reminders, you might also want to print them occasionally. By default, Outlook prints each note on a separate page, which might or might not be what you want. You can force Outlook to fill each page, to save paper or to keep related notes together. Select the notes you want to print and then choose Print from the File menu. In the resulting Print dialog box, deselect the Start Each Item On A New Page check box in the Print Options and click OK.
If the option is disabled, you're using HTML format. You must switch to plain or text format to enable this option. To do so, choose Options from the Tools menu. Click on the Mail Format tab and choose Plain Text from the Compose In This Message Format option's drop-down list. Then, click Apply and OK. Repeat the print instructions, and you'll find the Start Each Item On A New Page option is enabled. After printing the notes, just retrace your steps to reset your format setting .

3.Print e-mail when it arrives
For a variety of reasons, some of us end up printing e-mail messages. If you print most of your messages, or all of your messages from a specific source, opening each message to print it manually interrupts your work. Setting a rule to print the desired incoming mail might be more efficient. To do so:
1. From the Tools menu, choose Rules And Alerts.
2. Click New Rule on the E-mail Rules tab.
3. Click Start From A Blank Rule at the top of the resulting Rules Wizard dialog box.
4. In the Step 1 box, highlight the Check Messages When They Arrive option (it should be the default) and then click Next.
5. In the Step 1 box, select the Where My Name Is In The To Box check box (or whatever option applies, if you don't want to print all you messages) and click Next.
6. In the Step 1 box, click the Print It option and click Next.
At this point, you can identify exceptions to the rule, but we won't do that here. Just click Next, and then Finish, Apply, and OK to return to Outlook.
After setting up the new print rule, Outlook will print every incoming message that meets your requirements. Now, the chances are that you won't want to print every message. So make good use of the conditions offered in steps 5 and 7 to limit the messages Outlook prints.

4.Store sent mail efficiently
When you reply to an e-mail, Outlook stores a copy of that message in the Sent folder. If you're like me, your Sent folder has thousands of messages. If you need to find a specific message later, you must sort through all those messages, and that takes time. Instead, store your replies with the original message. For instance, suppose you automatically route all your messages from your boss into a folder named, appropriately enough, MyBoss. If you want Outlook to store your replies in MyBoss with the original messages, do the following:
1. From the Tools menu, choose Options.
2. On the Preferences tab (which should be selected by default), click E-mail Options in the E-mail section.
3. Click Advanced E-mail Options at the bottom of the Message Handling section.
4. In the Save Messages section, select the In Folders Other Than The Inbox, Save Replies With The Original Message check box and then click OK three times to return to Outlook.
Outlook will apply this setting to all of your personal folders. Just remember that Outlook saves replies with the original message and not in the Sent folder only when the original message is in a folder other than the Inbox. Outlook continues to save all replies sent from messages in the Inbox in the Sent folder.

5.Create a Flags toolbar
Quick Flags help you categorize your messages, usually by some level of importance or by task. For instance, you might use a red flag to mark messages that need a quick response and a blue flag to mark messages on which you've acted and are waiting for a response.
The problem with Quick Flags is that there's no way to customize their descriptions. Outlook identifies them only by color. You can't change the name of Red Flag to Critical. Remembering what each color represents can become burdensome.
1. An easy way to remember what each flag represents is to create a custom toolbar that displays each flag with text that means something to you. Fortunately, the process is easy:
2. From the Tools menu, choose Customize.
3. On the Toolbars tab, click New and name the new toolbar appropriately (for instance, you might name it "Flags") and click OK.
4. In the Customize dialog box, click the Commands tab.
5. Select Actions from the Categories list box.
6. Next, drag the appropriate flag color buttons from the Commands list to the custom toolbar. (If you can't find the toolbar, look behind the dialog box.)
7. After adding all the flags you want, change the text for each flag button. Right-click a flag button and replace the Name setting, e.g., &Red Flag, with something more helpful, such as "Critical." Select the Image And Text option so that Outlook will display the button's name on the toolbar.
8. Complete steps 6 and 7 for each flag button in your new toolbar.

6.Modify the scope of your Calendar work week
By default, the Work Week calendar view displays the five days of the traditional business week, Monday through Friday. To include Saturday and Sunday in that view, choose Options from the Tools menu. In the resulting Options dialog box, click Calendar Options in the Calendar section. In the Calendar Options dialog box, check Sat and Sun in the Calendar Work Week section. Then, click OK twice to return to the Calendar.
You don't have to view a seven- or traditional five-day work week. Check the days of the week that apply to you for a custom work week view. For example, if you work Wednesday through Sunday, you can make those selections to build a view that reflects your schedule.

7.Use color to identify messages from specific senders
Expecting important mail? Identify it as soon as it comes in by displaying it in a distinctive color. Start by select an existing message from the sender in question, if you have one. If you don't, that's okay; you can enter the sender's name manually. Now follow these steps:
1. In Mail, choose Organize from the Tools menu.
2. In the Ways To Organize Mail pane, click the Colors link on the left side.
3. In the first condition statement (we won't use the second), choose From in the first drop-down list.
4. If you chose a message before starting, the sender's name will appear in the text box to the right. If it's the wrong name, enter the right name or the person's e-mail address.
5. Choose a color from the second drop-down list.
6. Click Apply Color and close the pane.
Afterward, Outlook will display all messages, existing and new, from the person you specified in step 4 in the color you selected in step 5.

8.Distinguish incoming mail from existing mail
By default, Outlook displays incoming mail as bold text until you read it. If you need a bit more help, consider displaying unread mail in a bright color. To do so, you'll work in a view, not a rule:
1. In Mail, choose Inbox.
2. Choose Arrange By from the View menu.
3. Select Current View and then Define View from the subsequent submenus.
4. In the Custom View Organizer dialog box, check the option and click Modify.
5. Click Automatic Formatting.
6. In the Automatic Formatting dialog box, click Font.
7. In the Font dialog box, choose a color from the Color dropdown list, and click OK three times. Then, click Apply View.
Outlook will display all unread mail in the Inbox in the color you choose in step 7. Doing so won't display unread messages automatically routed to other folders. Since this is a view, it works only on the current folder. However, you can set up a similar view for any folder you like. In addition, the unread mail formatting takes precedent over colors used to identify mail from a specific sender.

9.Force replies to reach multiple recipients
A problem arises when you need recipients to reply to everyone receiving a message. The responding recipient must remember to click Reply All instead of Reply. If the recipient forgets to click Reply All, you're the only one who will see the reply, forcing you to forward it to everyone else, which is inefficient. Before you send the message, you can configure it to reply to everyone:
When composing the message, click the Options button on the Formatting toolbar.
1. Choose Options from the resulting drop-down list.
2. In the Message Options dialog box, check the Have Replies Sent To option in the Delivery Options section, which will automatically enter your e-mail address.
3. Next, click the Select Names button to the right and select all the appropriate recipients.
4. Click Close to return to your message.
5. When any recipient responds to the message, regardless of which reply choice they click, the reply will go to everyone you specified in the Have Replies Sent To option.

10.Create a temporary work week in the Calendar
The Work Week calendar view displays a week view, and you define what constitutes a work week (see Tip #6). If you need to see more or less than the usual work week, you can temporarily change that view. In the Date Navigation pane, click the first date you want to view. Then, hold down the [Shift] key and press the last date in the period. Outlook automatically adjusts the Calendar Work Week to include all of the dates in the selected time period. Alternately, you can view a group of noncontiguous dates by holding down [Ctrl] instead of [Shift] as you click dates. Outlook will display the days in order, regardless of how you select them.

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