Tuesday, May 05, 2009

How to block follower / add as a friend to follower on blogger blog?

If you are having blogger blog, you will have followers widget for every blog by default. In this case any visitor can become your follower. Now if you wanted to moderate it and blog any follower here are some simple steps to do this. Or else if you wish to Add the follower as friend then also check the bellow steps (just ignore block part)

  • Login to blogger.com and you are at the Dashboard
  • Here, for every blog of you an see followers link if it has minimum one, as you can see in bellow image Technical Details blog has 8 Followers
  • Click on Followers Link for the blog for which you want to block some follower
  • It will show list of followers as shown in bellow image
  • Now click on the picture of the follower which you wanted to block
  • This will show updates and links of follower as well as link for blocking the follower
  • Click on Block This User Link and follow the steps and the follower gets blocked from following your blog.
  • If you don't want block the follower but add as a friend then click on Add as friend as shown in the above image

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