Monday, July 23, 2007

Windows XP CON bug

The bug has been tried and tested in both Windows XP Home and Professional. If you try to make a folder named "CON" (case insensitive), Windows XP renames it back to what it was. So creating a new folder with the name "CON" just renames it to "New Folder".

The bug seems like a variable that got treated as a string or vice-versa. Trying to create the folder from a cmd prompt failed with an error "The directory name is invalid.".

This also works when you try to create a file called "CON", or "CON.". ".CON" shows up the way it should.

If you create a folder named "CON" on a linux filesystem say, and open up a samba share of it, the "CON" directory shows up as being "CSHOFG~F". A "CON." file or folder shows up as "CRW2KU~B"! Very Strange!

This actually is a unix-like feature. DOS device drivers are accessible like normal files, i.e. the everything-is-a-file philosophy. CON is the equivalent of /dev/tty, NUL of /dev/null, COM# of /dev/ttyS#, LPT# of /dev/lp# and CLOCK$ corresponds to /dev/rtc (PRN is an alias to LPT1, AUX is COM1). Every character device can be opened this way, block devices (which are assumed to be FAT formatted...) are named A: to Z:, as you will know. Many pseudo character devices (drivers which had to be loaded as drivers but were no character devices, like EMM386, HIMEM.SYS, ..) had forbidden characters like '*' in their device names to be hidden from the user.

Somebody at Microsoft willing to explain?

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ChatZilla (Firefox Extension Add-on for IRC chat)

A clean, easy to use and highly extensible Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client.

ChatZilla provides all the usual IRC client features: multiple servers, a built-in list of standard networks, easy searching and sorting of available channels, logging, and DCC chat and file transfers, plus easy customization with JavaScript plug-ins and CSS styling.

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MAP+ (Firefox Extension or Add-on for YAHOO MAPS)

MAP+ is the Firefox extension or add-on using which you can open map for specified location in yahoo maps without opening new window or new tab.

View a Yahoo! map of a selected address without having to open a new window or tab.

Currently, Map+ only supports addresses within the United States (sorry).

Getting Started:
After installing Map+ and restarting Firefox, click on the "Tools" menu and select "Add-ons." A dialog box will appear with a list of installed Add-ons, click on the Map+ entry and push the "Options" button. A new dialog box will appear. Here you can enter your address and adjust the size of Map+. Push the "OK" button and close the Add-ons dialog. You're all done!

As an example, highlight the following address: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043 (hold down the left mouse button and drag across the entire address). Now right click on this highlighted text and you'll see a menu entry that says "View map of 1600 Amphtitheatre...". Click on that menu item and a popup with a map of that location should appear. If you want to get directions to that location, simply click on the little bubble icon that appears on the map and click the "To here" link. A new tab will open with the Yahoo driving directions.

A video of how to install and use the Map+ add-on can be found on YouTube:

Works with:
  • 1.5 – 2.0.0.*
Click here to download:

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Gizmo call free call from the net - VOIP calls

Although, my last article has described many elements of this really cool and now widely used FREE service (10 mins each day) called Gizmocall . Some readers have reported saying they are facing some issues with downloading Gizmocall and/or using the service.

I thoughts its in the interest of my readers, I must design a simple installation & Usage Guide for using GizmoCall. Lets first look at the installation Guide.

Note: If you are using Windows Vista, this service is currently not supported, according to industry sources. Although, this is not yet confirmed. I myself can't test it since I don't have a Vista on my PC. Some readers reported they can't get it to work with Vista. However I suggest they should try my guide and give it a try!

Before you start using this guide. Ensure you have latest Flash Installed on your machine. Some people often dont have Flash on firefox. Get the latest version of Flash from here

I will be explaining the whole guide with screenshots to make it easier for everyone.
1)Go to GizmoCall Website
You will notice that the Flash will start to load. Let it load completely. After flash loads completely, You will see a main homepage to make a Call. Now Type in the number you want to call and click the "Call" butto

2) Once yo
u click on "Call", it will call for the Flash Plug-in. Since you are the first time user, you won't have the Flash Plug-in and You will see a Instruction to Download the Plug-in. Download the Plug-in by saving the plug-in on your machine (anywhere you like). Dont open but save the file.

3) Once you download the plug-in the screen will change to this. Waiting for Flash Plugin. This state is seen before you actually install the plug-in. Basically, its trying to find the plug-in since you downloaded.

4) Now locate the file you have downloaded. File name: Gizmocall.exe and Install the file.

5) Now go back to the Website. You will notice that the flash plug-in now loaded. At this stage, the flash plug-in will ask for your permission to access the Micrphone, Webcam and Storage space. Click Allow at all stages. Finally all settings are done and then you need to click "continue Call" (this will appear if you already tried calling without the plug-in in step 1)

6) Now you are all Set to make a Call. Enjoy your FREE Call for 10 minutes everyday absolutely anywhere in the world.

Hope it really helps. Let me know if you face any issues.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mozilla Firefox Bug Fixes

Mozilla Foundation today released a minor update for Firefox web browser that fixes the following security vulnerabilities and memory leaks in Firefox and previous versions.

You can either download the Firefox standalone installers from Mozilla website or download Firefox with Google Toolbar from the official Google website.

Also learn some new Firefox tricks.

List of issues fixed in Firefox 2.0.5 from release notes:

MFSA 2007-25 XPCNativeWrapper pollution
MFSA 2007-24 Unauthorized access to wyciwyg:// documents
MFSA 2007-23 Remote code execution by launching Firefox from Internet Explorer
MFSA 2007-22 File type confusion due to %00 in name
MFSA 2007-21 Privilege escallation using an event handler attached to an element not in the document
MFSA 2007-20 Frame spoofing while window is loading
MFSA 2007-19 XSS using addEventListener and setTimeout
MFSA 2007-18 Crashes with evidence of memory corruption

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Everything On Orkut Will Start Dancing.

1)Open Your Orkut Account.
2)Watch Your Address Bar or Url Bar written Like this(*****)replace this With The Script Given Below.

Note:Url Bar means the bar Where u Write the Web site address(www.***.com) in the internet explorer or firefox browser or any other browser.

3) Hit Enter in Ur Address Bar.

Everything on Orkut Will Start Dancing.

Happy orkutting.

In place of ^ Put less than sign (<) in the script below Script:

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Fabulous Font For Orkut

  1. Open Your Orkut Account First.
  2. Now Open any Scrap book.
  3. Write any text in your or your friend's scrapbook.
  4. Now delete watever is written in your address bar(www.****.com)of scrapbook
  5. Copy The Script Written Below.
  6. Paste the script In your Address bar or Url bar(www.****.com)
  7. Now Hit enter in Your Address Bar.
  8. A Cool Font Is Generated is generated on your scrapbook(text box).
  9. Now Post/Submit Scrap.

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Orkut :Codes for The special Meanings

Write the code below without white spaces.

To write in Reverse - Write this code before the message : & # 8 2 3 (Without the spaces between the 8 n 2)

Example: & # 8238Trickworld (Without the spaces between the symbols)

For Stars:
& # 9 7 3 3

For Hearts:
& # 9 8 2 9

Musical notes:
& # 9 8 3 4
& # 9 8 3 5

Symbols of the Game of Letters:
& # 9 8 2 7
& # 9 8 2 4
& # 9 8 3 0


Black color: & # 9 7 8 7
White: & # 9 7 8 6


Woman: & # 9 7 9 2
Man: & # 9 7 9 4

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Latest or New Scrapbook Flooders

Steps to follow:
1) Go to your friend's scrapbook page.
2) Type your scrap box given there (don't post it)
3) Copy the following line
4) paste this address bar (where you put domain e.g. etc. )
5) press enter..
6) close the page to stop the script..

It will Start Flooding Ur Scrapbook.:)

For Firefox Users

For internet explorer users


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Friday, July 13, 2007

OneDump, another free file storage site

With lots of competition in the market for online storage of images, text, audio, video, OneDump enters and tries to sneak in with a simplistic approach.

OneDump offers free unlimited storage for all types of files, from audio, images, and text, but what makes them different is their straightforward approach that makes it easier to upload and share files. OneDump not only lets users host files but it also lets you link to them to use on social networks, websites and blogs. The OneDump Quicksend method open to registered users allows them to directly upload images, audio and text files by sending them as email attachments, this also includes files sent from mobile devices.

Service drawbacks, you can only upload 10 files at once, with a 5MB cap on each. With a lot of competition out there, look at other image storing sites look to DivShare, PirateBay, AllYouCanUpload, Flickr, or this link that contains a list of 50 other services that host files from 10mb to 20mb, with no registration, no file size limit, and no download limit or file life.

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Azooca offers video mail for those that want to watch instead of read

Text just not good enough for sending your important email? How about some video for the tired eyes in the morning that just don't feel like reading!

Azooca, a new video email service that has just launched, provides users with a new way to send email. Azooca's video emails let users send, receive and organize video messages through its video email inbox. The Azooca email inbox can hold up to a 250MB for attachments and incoming video messages.

To start recording video messages users get just the basics, record, play and stop in their email composition window. Video clips are unfortunately capped at one minute in length, but can be saved in draft format and sent at a later time. It is a simple enough to use application, just watch out because there have been numerous reports about messages getting dumped into junk and spam folders.

Take a look at EyeJot for a similar service.

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Send paper mail online with EasyPost

Still have some friends who aren't hooked up with email yet? Maybe your Grandparents or Parents are a little behind the times? Or maybe you just want to send some paper to someone?

EasyPost has opened the doors and made it possible for anyone to send paper letters to any mailbox in Canada via a simple online form. The letters that are submitted through the online form gets printed out via high quality laser printers and premium white paper, packaged up and sent out at the end of each day in regular mail through the Canada Post system. Quite a promising system for Canadians who want an alternative to sending postal mail, but don't want the hassle of printing and running out to buy stamps and envelopes.

EasyPost is free for a limited time and available anywhere in Canada.

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KoolWIRE: Yet another way to convert docs to PDF

Need to convert a document or picture to a PDF and don't have time to download and install software? Just send an email to and include your file as an attachment. In a few moments, you'll get an email response from KoolWIRE with a new attachment containing your file in PDF format.

The service is free, and KoolWire can convert Word (.doc), Powerpoint (.ppt), Excel (.xls), Jpeg, GIF, Rich Text Format (.rtf), and text (.txt) files to PDF. It does a pretty good job with files that don't make heavy use of graphics. But when we took a quick screenshot of Download Squad, added it to a Word Document and uploaded it, the result came back a bit truncated.

You can do the same thing by uploading files to free file conversion service Zamzar, or for some documents, you can use the free Google Docs & Spreadsheets. Still, it's nice to have options.


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AOL finally gets mail chat

AOL Mail users were able to unlock a little surprise that started yesterday evening when they logged in, a new chat feature.

Yes, I'm sure people do still use AOL Mail. This new feature allows people to instantly chat with people from their contact list without opening up another application. While this feature has been around for quite a while from Google and Yahoo, AOL has managed to beat out Microsoft at least.

The new AOL Mail with chat can be accessed at

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Sending email l8r

Send an email l8r. With l8r you can send emails, later. This online tool allows you to load and specify when you want to send out emails. You can stockpile them and set them to launch over a week or over a few years.

The free plan that is available allows you to set up three emails to get sent out in the future. There is an option to purchase an account that unlocks options like sending out rich text emails and attachments and also beefs up the amount you can send out from 10-1000 outgoing emails, ranging in price from $1.99 to $24.99/year.

Check out the demo here.

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Moving a family onto Google Apps

Google Apps for your DomainScott Hanslemann is a very well known developer in Microsoft circles, but is certainly not married to Microsoft technologies. In a recent post, he outlines the process of moving his family (both immediate and extended) onto Google Apps for your Domain. The walkthrough describes the overall setup, but most interestingly describes in great detail how he went about importing email histories from various other services into Google Apps. Great stuff.

The article is packed with useful tips for anyone considering taking the plunge, like the fact that if you want to use your Google Apps mail on your Blackberry, you need to download a separate application for your Blackberry from the one that is used for regular Gmail accounts.

If you've already taken the plunge into Google Apps or are considering doing so, Scott's post is a must-read.


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Upload Large files to yousend it with supoort of resume

YouSendIt is a file-sharing service. It allows receivers to get files by clicking standard URL links. Since YouSendIt stores files on its own servers, you have to upload what you want to share, but then you don't have to leave your PC on to allow people to pick it up. The hosted transfer model isn't as flexible as peer-to-peer sharing, but it is easier to use for both senders and receivers.

In addition to a free service, YouSentIt also offers three premium subscription plans for users who want to send larger files to more users. It also offers a branded file dropbox for businesses that want to create an easy way for clients to send large files.

Web site:

Related Link :

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Orkut Scrap Flooding

Bored with work yesterday and waiting for the 3 hour conference call at 7:30 PM to start, I was just looking around at someone's blogs, when I noticed that this chap had a post about orkut hacking. Intersting .. :)
Some nice tweaks, nice work :)
Though, it doesnt work now, I assume because of extra search form that orkut scrap book page has now.
Anyway, a little change to it and this is what we have now.

javascript:/*Javascript for Scrap Flooding. Copy Paste this Entire Code into the Address bar of your friend's scrap-book and press Enter. A Prompt Box opens up. Enter the Scrap-Text into it and press ok.For Customizing the script, refer Have Fun .. Happy Hacking !! */var i=1;var message = prompt("What message do you want to mass-scrap with ? ", "Enter Your text Here");function scrapper(){ if ( i > 50) { exit(0); }; var send_message = i +". "+message ;i = i + 1 ; document.forms[1].scrapText.value=send_message; document.getElementById('b2').onclick();} ; void(setInterval(scrapper,2000));

Just copy paste the entire javascript code into your browser address bar, when you are on someone’s scrap book ( a friends’ scrap book only, orkut has image verification in case you are scrapping someone not in your friends’s list, hence this wont’ work )
You will be prompted for the message you want to scrap with.

Small changes, that you can customize this for yourself.
1. change the 50 to something else in this line if ( i > 50) { exit(0); } if you want more or less scrap messages. Of course, it doesn’t send exactly 50 scraps. Determined more or less by the refresh time of the page.
2. change the 2000 something else, depending on how often you want to scrap. 2000 milliseconds is the time between subsequent scraps.

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Orkut Hack 2 .. Reply to all Scraps

Want to reply to all scraps on your scrapbook at once ?
Normally useful when you get lots of wishes on your scrapbook (like birthday and what not)

Go to your scrapbook and copy-paste the following javascript code into your browser address-bar and press enter. you will be prompted for the text you want to reply with.
It scraps everyone who has sent you a scrap on your first scrap page.

javascript: var i = 1; var message = prompt("What message do you want to Reply-All with ? ", "Thank You !! ") ; function reply_all() { var scrapTextid="scrapText_"+ i ; var linkid="b"+(3*i+1); document.getElementById(scrapTextid).value=message ; document.getElementById(linkid).onclick(); i=i+1; document.forms['replyForm'].action="#"} ; void(setInterval(reply_all,500));

PS -> Working on a version that allows you to scrap everyone who has scrapped you .. not just the people on the first page of the scrapbook .. wonder if it would be really useful though :)

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Yugma -web-conferencing service

This is Austin from Yugma (, and I just wanted to encourage you to try out our web-conferencing service as well. Our basic service is FREE for up to 10 users. Yugma is completely focused on being extremely easy, inexpensive, and cross-platform compatible. In addition to having excellent service for Windows users, we’ve been getting great reviews for our ease of use and support for Mac users. We also recently launched support for Linux (8 versions supported), and will shortly be rolling out a Beta test for our upcoming VoIP feature. CNet recognized Yugma this year by selecting us as a finalist in its 2007 Webware 100 Awards.

I hope you like what we’ve put together. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you. Just email us at Thanks!

Best regards,
Austin Sponsel
Yugma Marketing Team

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts for Power Users

All features in Mozilla Firefox browser are accessible through the use of the keyboard. You can use shortcut keys to view and save Web pages, search the web, open new webpages, work with bookmarks, or find text on the current webpage.

Some of the most common keyboard shortcuts in Mozilla Firefox are Ctrl+N (to open a new Firefox window), Ctrl+T (to open a new tab), Ctrl+F4 (to close the current tab) and Ctrl+S to save the current webpage.

Mozilla Firefox supports many more powerful keyboard shortcuts. For instance, by pressing a simple key combination, you can manually delete autocomplete entries from the Firefox location bar or Web forms. I am sharing a list of my favorite Mozilla Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts that make web browsing with Firefox even more fun. And you also save your precious time as navigating through several layers of Firefox Toolbar menus is no longer necessary.

1. Web Search Ctrl+K moves the cursor to the Search Bar. You can then type in the terms you wish to find on the Web. Press Ctrl+Down to select the next search engine in the Web Search bar. and only works if the Search Bar is visible. If the Search Bar is hidden, this keyboard shortcut has no effect.

2. F3 or Ctrl+F or / (Slash) displays the Find Toolbar at the bottom of the browser window. Use Shift+F3 to find the previous occurrence of the entered text on that page.

3. Select text on webpages with keyboard keys. Press F7 to turn Caret Browsing on. Caret Browsing places a moveable cursor in webpages, allowing you to select text with the keyboard just like a normal text editor. Ctrl+C copies the selected text to the Clipboard. When you are done copying the texting, press F7 again to turn Caret Browse off.

4. F5 reloads the current page. Ctrl+F5 will display the most up-to date version of the webpage (overriding the browser cache). Works the same as in IE.

5. Alt+D or F6 or Ctrl+L will select the location bar. Alt+Enter will open the URL in the Address Bar in a new tab.

6. Ctrl+U will display the source code of the current webpage in a new tab or window.

7. The is my most favorite Firefox shortcut - Firefox AutoComplete feature saves previous entries you've made for Web addresses, forms, and passwords. Firefox also lets you delete selected autocomplete entries. When typing information in Web forms, and typing passwords, you can remove an item from the list of suggestions by clicking the item and then pressing Shift+ DELETE key.

Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera browser share many of the same keyboard shortcuts. In particular, menu navigation uses the same combinations of arrow keys and Alt as most Windows applications, and navigation within text-editing fields supports the same keystrokes as most text editors. Only the shortcuts highlighted in bold are exclusive to Firefox.

Keyconfig - another great Firefox extension, gives you a menu of all of Firefox's keyboard shortcuts, and lets you replace any of them with the key comibnation of your choice, or disable it entirely. It even lets you change keyboard shortcuts owned by other extensions.

You can also download and print the official Firefox keyboard shortcut chart.

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Google talk Gadget

google talk in webpage

The Google Talk Gadget is clearly more usable than the stand-alone GTalk desktop client or the floating AJAX version in GMail.

Here, each chat session opens up as a tab (like Firefox browser tabs), it can show previews of images or video and the chat client can easily be embedded inside webpages.

There's however a small problem - while we have browser windows in front of us all the time, the same may not hold true for the webpage (like the Google personalized page) where we have embedded the GTalk gadget.

So here's an alternate option - put the Google Talk client in the Firefox sidebar so it always stays in the foreground no matter what website you are on currently.

To add Google Talk to your Firefox sidebar, bookmark the following URL (right-click and choose Bookmark this link)

Now goto Bookmarks menu, navigate to the above bookmark, right click and choose Properties. Tick the checkbox that says Load this bookmark in the sidebar.

Update: An employee of an investment bank writes that their organization has banned Google talk in office but using the above method, he was able to circumvent the GTalk ban and could chat with friend out the firewalls of his office.

Google Talk gadget will always open in the Firefox Sidebar. Thanks

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Embed Wave to Blogger