Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Google Adsense Alternatives to Earn Money by Placing Ads on Your Blog or Website.

Google Adsense, a company which has changed the Internet to an online money making market. Google Adsense is a best way to earn online. They pay good and honestly if your work is unique and constant. Many of people are just blogging for making money on internet through Google Adsense or other ways. But there are many webmasters, bloggers and publishers which are not happy with Google Adsense and are looking for Alternative of Google Adsense to be able to earn online again because either they dont like Google Adsense (i don't know why) or they are banned by Google Adsense for Fraud Clicks, Invalid activities or violating their TOS (Terms and Conditions).

People are looking for Better Adsense Alternatives as a new source to earn and they make some extra bucks. But some of them want to left Google because Google only pays when the earning amount is $100 one more problem is Google Adsense PIN Code which Google Adsense send by mail (not my email) after confirming The Publisher has $10 in his Google Adsense Account. As minimum payout is $100, that can a healthy amount for small bloggers to earn and may take ages to get their first check from Google Adsense.

One more problem is Google only pays through Check and Western Union But several publishers like Paypal as a payment source which Google Adsense do not accept for Unknown reasons. There are many people which are earning in 5-6 digits $ money without getting a single penny from Google Adsense John Chow is a Good example of this.

Webmasters or publishers which are not accepted in Google Adsense, Banned by them or do not like to go with Google Adsense will like this list of Adsense Alternatives given below.

Note: [If there is any ad network which is not listed then please add that website link in comments]

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