Wednesday, May 20, 2009

bX-gc7ujn or bX-crozx2 - Blogger Error: When Trying To Delete A Comment

Few days back bloggers trying to moderate (Publish or Reject) comments report problems when deleting comments, on blogger help group

After verifying that the comment should be deleted, I click the button "Delete comment", then I get the error message.
Additional information
blogID: 4580604485477474567
postID: 4845049469364954266
uri: /
When you get above or similar error from the blogger, first check that whether the thing you are trying to do (e.g. deleting or moderating comment) is done successfully or not? It might be the case that you got the error but the task is successfully completed

The simple work around for this is
  • To clear the browser cache, cookies, temporary files ( For Firefox users go to Tools->Options->Privacy and click on button Clear Now and select all the options here then click on button "Clear all private data now") (If you are using Internet Explorer then go to Tools->Internet Options in the General tab click on Delete button and there click on Delete All button)
  • Logout of
  • Close the browser
  • Use Firefox instead of IE it is still not working
  • Use instead of blogger in draft (
  • If you are still getting same error The last thing you can

This problem appears to have started within the 3-4 days, if any one else is also facing the similar issue then please let me know following things.
  • Which error code are you seeing?
  • When did you find observe this error?
  • Are you moderating comments from email, or ?
  • Where are you located (city and country)?
Note: Even if you get this error but the comment which your are trying to delete might get deleted or the task which your were trying to do might have already done

If you are still not able to fix then check following additional Info as per John's Comment:

Blogger have admitted it's a "Known Issue" but they have not fixed it yet.

If everyone can go to this link

and click "report it" to indicate you are having the problem, We might get the attention of the programmers are blogger.

Meanwhile it seems we just have to wait and keep revisiting that page to find the status of the fix.

Hence in this case to avoid publishing spam comments on your blog please make it moderated using this article

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