Friday, May 22, 2009

Blog is marked as Spam or Possible attack site or Removed by blogger - What to do next?

Blogger has automated spam detection system to fight with spam blogger. If you blog is not a spam or attack site but still blogger marked as spam or attack site don't worry about this. First you need to do following things

  • Not you must perform following steps at and not at blogger in draft or blogger beta
  • Check all the third party widgets you have installed on you blog using HTML / Javascript, any of them might be having spammer or attacking code. If you doubt any one remove those or else simplly remove all of them. You can search on the google regarding those widget to get better idea, whether they are spam / attacker or not?
  • Next thing you should do is send Not A Spam request to blogger form you blogger Dashboard at (You may not find this option at blogger in draft i.e. and do the word verification for human detection
  • There may be a case your blog may not be reviewed by the blogger team. You should keep requesting for Not A Spam every 5-6 days
  • You blog might get removed spam mark in 20 days or it may take 2-4 months also (for one of my blog it took more than 2 months)
  • There is a chance that your blog may get deleted because it is marked as spam then also you can keep requesting for review of your blog (In case of deleted blog, if it is not visible then go to end of you Dashboard there you can find link Show All and you blog will be visible as grayed)

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