Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Changing Blog Permission for Reader / Visitors

If you want your blog to be accessed / viewed by only selected visitors then you need to make this blog private or if you wish to make blog should be accessed / viewed by everyone than make it public. Or else you can restrict it to invited visitors also as mentioned in following steps

  1. Login to blogger.com and you are at Dashboard

  2. Click on the Settings for the blog you want to delete
  3. Now you are at Settings->
  4. Go to Permissions
  5. Now you are at Settings->Permissions here select Only blog authors radio button in the Blog Readers section
  6. This will show alert as shown in bellow image click on ALLOW AUTHORS ONLY button
  7. Now everything is done your blog will not be visible to outside world
  8. If you are willing to make your blog public than in the Blog Readers section select Radio button for Anybody
  9. And if you wish that it can be viewed by your friends / family members / some known persons only then click on radio button for Only People I choose and then invite all the peoples you want them to view your blog

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