Friday, April 17, 2009

What is Page Rank and How is Calculated?

What is Page Rank?
Google Page Rank is simply Google’s way of displaying how important a webpage is.An important webpage will get more attention by google to display your website.

Google assumes that when one webpage links to another webpage, it’s actually “giving a vote” for the webpage. The more votes you have for your
webpage, the more important your webpage will be.

What is more to understand is Google also takes into account the importance of other website’s pages linking to your own webpage.

If many important webpages link to your website (i.e. They have a lot of “votes” and thus high PR) then their vote will be of more importance and will increase your Page Rank more.

How Page Rank is Calculated?

Most of us do not understand how Page Rank (PR) is calculated.

Before I am going to the mathematical calculation let us understand why does it matter how PR is calculated?

It matters because you can use this knowledge to actually funnel PR throughout your website and give different pages on your site a higher PR. The higher your PR is, the higher your webpage will rank in Google.

Here is the Google Page Rank Formula, and I’m warning you… This might get a litle confusing at your first reading, but when you understand, is just a simple 1-2-3 calculation.

Page Rank Formula: 0.15 + (0.85 x “Azamli”)

In which “Azamli” is a share of Page Rank of every page that link to it, or in another word a webpage Page Rank divides into the total links it has. Oh yes, you can put your name replacing my name in the formula. I Just want to make it interesting for non-mathematical person.

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