Monday, April 20, 2009

Blogger Widget for Advertisement (Ads) , Visitor Counter, etc in HTML / Javascript HOW TO ?

Everyone wanted to embed advertisement or visitor counter or reference links or third party HTML / Javascript code in to blogger blog. Here is very simple steps of doing this.

  • Login to
  • Now click on Layout link for the blog for which you wanted add the gadget / widget
  • This will show you blogger template / layout in the Page Elements mode, here click on Add a gadget or Add a widget link where you wanted to add this gadget / widget.
  • This will open gadget / widget selection pop up as shown bellow:
  • There click on '+' button next to HTML/JavaScript as shown in the above image, it will show Configuration screen for the HTML/JavaScript widget / gadget as shown bellow:
  • In the above configuration screen at the textbox for Title you can give title to your widget / gadget and in the Text Area for the Content you can write (Copy & Paste) the code for your advertisement / banner / visitor counter / referral links / any kind of custom HTML/JavaScript code which you wanted to place on your blog.
  • After everything is done click on the Save button to save this gadget/widget.
  • This gadget/widget will be by default added the top, if you wanted to change the location of this newly added gadget/widget then you can move / drag and drop at the desired location using mouse.
  • Finally when everything is done you can click on Save button the Layout -> Page Elements page of your blog

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