Friday, April 17, 2009

How to increase Page Rank of Website or blog ?

Google gives Page Rank to every indexed sites between 0 (zero) to 10 where 10 is the highest. Page Rank totally depends on links in to your website and the page rank of links in. So the more blogs and sites linking to your blog or site the more pang rank it gets and also if the site or blog which is linking to you, if it has higher page rank your chance of getting higher rank is more.

Click here to know what is page rank and how to calculate the page rank for your website or blog?

The most important thing is the higher the page rank the higher your page appears in the Google search

Another think is the links in should not be like spam. Every site linking to your site or blog should not use same worlds. There are lot of ways to increase back links and page ranks.

Making Friends
Make your friends over the internet and you can provide back links to each others website or blog. In case you must remember that when you ask some one to give back link to your self you should not use same words for back link all time. Instead use some different words so that Google thinks it as valid back link and not a spam. And one more thing on a single page do not provide out side link to more than 100 sites or blogs other wise Google thinks that page a spam page.

Give Comments to articles of others
You can put comments in articles of other blog stating it is interesting or good or some thing similar positive comments and at the end give back link to your site as a signature. This is also really good way of increasing back links to your site. Here also same rule of using different words every time applies.

Use page rank seller
Many sites over the internet having higher page rank like 5 to 9 are selling their page rank. i.e. they will provide you back link to your site if you pay them some amount of money. This will increase your page rank drastically but it may be very costly. And if Google traces that site as page rank seller your page ranks also goes down. So it is very risky way.

Social Bookmarking and Sharing
This is also another free and easy way of increasing back links to your site/blog and pages withing your site or blog. There are many sites such as, yahoobuzz, technorati,,, etc which provides options to share your articles of blog /website and gives back links to your articles /posts. This will also helps you to increase back links as well as page rank

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