Monday, April 20, 2009

Team Blogging with - How to allow other people [ blog author ] to post on your blog?

Team Blogging is used for allowing multiple people (Blog Author) to post articles on the same blog. For this one person need to create a blog on the Then the creator of the blog needs to follow the bellow steps to add team members to your blog

  • Log in to
  • The blog for which you want to allow multiple members to post on the blog, go to Settings -> Permissions
  • Here click on ADD AUTHORS button and it will ask you to invite people to write to your blog enter email addresses of the emails addresses of the people you wanted to invite separated by comma
  • And finally click on INVITE button. You can view the list of people invited as shown in the bellow image
STEPS to be followed by the person who is going to join team bloggin or added as author of the blog
  • Now the people to whom you have invited will receive invitation email and has link to accept the invitation to be member of your blog
  • She / He need to click on that link and follow the steps to accept invitation
  • Here, if the person has Google(Gmail) Login then he / she can login with Google (Gmail) login username / password and click on "ACCEPT INVITATION"
  • If the person do not have Google/Gmail login then the person need to create new account by clicking on "Create your account now" link and follow the instructions
  • In New Account creation form enter your same email address on which your received invitation.
  • Note: While creating account you do not need to have GMAIL id, you can create your account for any valid email address. And everytime while contributing to blog the person need to login to with same email id

  • After person has accepted your invitation he/she can see the blog in his/her blog's list (i.e. Dashboard page)
  • And you can see his/her name as part of blog authors on the Settings->Permissions page
  • Here now if you wish you can grant him/her
    Grant admin privileges or Remove that person
  • You can follow same steps to add any number of Blog Authors

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