Monday, April 13, 2009

Blogger Profile View Visitor counter not updating

Some time ago, someone complained of the profile view counter was not being updated with the correct visitor count and stuck at some numbers. Here is what Gatsby a Blogger Employee has to say:
So many of you have noticed that profile counts have not been updating as they have in the past, and we thought we'd step in and let you know exactly what is going on here and why this change has been put in place.

Basically, having completely accurate counts caused a lot of problems for profile pages that experienced high traffic - at several times in the past few months this has led to difficulties and slowness for the entire service. These problems were amplified even more by a number
of users who abused the count by running automated scripts trying to bump
up their counts.

Because of this, we've switched to using an estimated count of profile views; while it's less accurate we believe that keeping the service running and responsive has to be our first priority. We'll change the language on the profile pages to reflect this - thanks for your patience and understanding.

Y'all should notice these count views beginning to update themselves shortly. Please let us know though if after a few more days, the counts continue to remain unchanged.

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