Monday, April 27, 2009

How to Unsubscribe Gooogle Gorups? - Dont want to receive email from google group

Many people are asking that how do I unsubscribe a Google Group?
There are 2 ways to unsubscribe the Google Group.

  • Check you are receiving email from the Google Group.
  • Go to the bottom part of the email it would be something similar to bellow image.
  • You can see the line "To unsubscribe from this group, send email to" after this there will be one email id mentioned you need to send blank email to that email id from the same email account using which you have subscribed to the Google group. e.g. as shown in above image you need to send blank email to to unsubcribe from blogger-general-discussion
Method 2

  • Open any email which was arrived from Google Group which you wanted to unsubscribe.
  • Go to bottom part of the email there you can see link "For more options, visit this group at" and followed by it there is link to the Google Group. Click on that link

  • You will find Google Group's page as shown in bellow image
  • In this click on Edit Membership at the right side bar
  • This will take you to the edit membership page as shown in bellow image
  • If you do not wish to unsubscribe the group and just wanted not to receive email from group then select option "No Email" in the above page and click on "Save Settings" button
  • If you want to unsubscribe this group then click on Unsubscribe button and follow the instructions

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