Friday, June 05, 2009

Not Proper Line Spacing for my blog post

I have noticed on Blogger Help Group many people complaining about line spacing is not proper when they create new post. The line spacing between first and second paragraph is not as same as second and third paragraph. Or multiple lines being merged in to single line when they publish the post. Here are simple settings you need to to following settings change

  • Login to and you are at Dashboard
  • Here you will have list of your blogs click on "Settings" link for the blog you want make the change
  • Now go to "Formatting" tab by clicking on "Formatting" at the top menu
  • Here scroll down to the option "Convert line breaks" and select "Yes" from the drop down for it
  • Now scroll down and find the option "Enable float alignment" and select "Yes" from the drop down for it
  • And finally click on "SAVE SETTINGS" button at the bottom
Note: Also you must use "Compose" mode while creating of editing posts please refer this to know how can you enable and switch to Compose mode while creating or editing post

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