Monday, June 01, 2009

How to create archive of posts for the blogger blog ?

You can find post archive at the sidebar of my blog. If you wanted to have archive for your blogs also then please follow bellow step by step guides

  • Log in to and your are at the blogger Dashboard
  • Now go to Settings for the blog you wanted have archive
  • Now go to Archiving tab
  • If you want to enable archive for your blog then select Archive Frequency Monthly, Weekly or Daily
  • And also select Yes for the Enable Post Pages? drop down
  • Now click on SAVE SETTINGS button
  • Then go to Layout->Page Elements of your blog
  • Here if you already have Blog Archive or Archive widget / gadget added here then no need to do any thing else but if it is not present here then do following steps:
  • Click on Add a gadget for the section where you wanted to add the Archive or Blog Archive gadget / widget
  • The pop will open with list of gadgets here scroll down and you will find Blog Archive, click on '+' icon next to it to add this gadget.
  • Click on SAVE button to add it
  • Now in the Page Elements view of your Layout move this gadget where ever you want and then finally click on SAVE button at the right side top
  • Then everything is done

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