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How to change date and time of post been published? - Change the oder of post - Create Home page post - Newer post at the end - Oldest post at the top

Many people wanted to show certain post always at the top on their blog or home page of the blog or wanted to change the order of the posts being seen by the visitor or else wanted to show posts in the reverse order of publishing in all cases you need to change the date of the post after publishing it.

Please read the bellow step by step guide to achieve all these things

First thing you need to do is create and publish post normally as you usually do (Refer this to know how to create a new post)

Changing the Date and Time of the Post

  • You need to use for this purpose and not (Blogger in draft)
  • So login to blogger and make sure you are using normal blogger site and not using blogger in draft
  • Then go to "Edit Posts" for the blog which you want make some post as Home page post or Keep it always on the top
  • For the post which you created to be appear on the home page or always be on the top click on the Edit link
  • Now you can view the post content to Edit, you can see the "Post Options" link at the left side down of the content Edit box,
  • Click on "Post Options" link and you can see the options as follows
  • Bellow Post date and time you can see the date when post was published, provide the desired date and time here

Make this post to Home Page post or Keep always at the top
  • Follow the steps as mentioned in previous section to Post date and time when post was published, just change that day to some long time in the future like e.g. make that to 1/1/3000 and now click on PUBLISH POST button
  • Now till 1/1/3000 come this post will always be on the top
Reverser Order the posts
  • To make the posts in the reverse order you can use the back date.
  • Using above steps, always change the date of new post to some oldest past date by editing it.
  • And hence the new post will always at the bottom

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