Saturday, June 06, 2009

How to Change Language for Blogger Dashboad ?

I have seen many people complaining on Blogger Help Group regarding their blog is not being displayed in English or not in their default Language at the login of and at Blogger Dashboard. That's because of you are in some different country or your internet connection ISP is located in some different country .

Since the page is in the different Language which is not understood by you, so you are not able to know what exactly you can do to change the Language of the login page or dashboard of

Here, I will explain this in simple terms that how can you change the Language for blogger to your desired Language

  • When you are at the Login page of the blogger, you can see the drop down at the top right side of the page. Select the desired Language this drop down and the page will displayed in the selected language
If you are at Dashboard of the blog and the blog is diaplyed in other language which you are not able to unserstand. In this case also you can select the desired Language from the Drop Down at the top right side of the page as shown in the following 2 images.
Note: In both of the above cases, since the page may be in the Language other then English, so there may not be a Label for Language in Englsih as shown above. But Label for Language may be in some other Language also which is not understandable by you. But the location for the drop down will be the same so select desired Language from the Drop Down as shown in the bellow image

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