Monday, March 23, 2009

HOW to Add Poll to Blogger / Blogspot Blog

If you want to conduct some survey for your blog visitors, blogger provides Poll Gadget for that you can use that. To add Poll Gadget / Widget yo your blog please follow bellow steps:

  1. Go to Layout -> Page Elements for your blog
  2. Here click on "Add a Gadget" or "Add a Widget" in the section where you wanted to add the Poll Gadget or Widget
  3. The pop up will open in that scroll down and you will find Poll Gadget or Widget click on '+' button for the Poll as shown in the image
  4. This will open Create a poll dialog box as shown in the image.
  5. Here you can specify the Question and the answers which visitors can select and click on Save button
  6. Now move this Gadget or Widget in the Layout wherever you want and click on Save Button at top right and every thing is done
  7. After saving the poll and template wait for 10 minutes then you can view your blog and able to see the poll created on the blog

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