Friday, November 10, 2006

Yahoo account password cracking Phishing alert must read...

hi all ,

Today I got the following link on yahoo massager from one of my friend, It might be possible he has not sent this and some spyware sent it using his id, or the cracker might also have got his username and password using phishing.

I thought why geocities page asking me username and password and I understood that is phishing. And enter some crap and got to know it is really a phishing.

so, please do not give username and password at links like following

This is phishing attack to hack your username and password since it is geocities link and it do not required yahoo username or password to view this page.. this page is just designed to hack your username and password..

Try entering any crap words at place of username and password and see what happens..

There may many other such pages also. So be alert, before entering ur username and password u must recheck the URL

Forward this email to as many people as possible to save them from phishing attack.

If u wana know more about phishing attack search on Google.

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Cyberwerx Inc.

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