Friday, November 10, 2006

Orkut: Finally a scrapbook flooder for new orkut codes!!!

SCRAPPER UPDATED: (2006, October 29)
Scrapper updated to work with firefox 2.0! Rest is fine n working asusual :D

All the links in post below are pointing to updated scrapper.

SCRAPPER UPDATED: (2006, September 13)
Scrapper failed to work during last few days due to new search box in top-right corner inserted by orkut.It was a minor correction. Now its working great!

If you are already using old scrapper, then uninstall it first!
1. Go to Tools >> Extensions (or Add-ons) in firefox.
2. A pop-up will open listing all installed extensions.
3. Click on Scrapper. This will highlight uninstall button. Click on that.
4. Then restart firefox.
5. Then click here to download/install new version.

Note: All the links in post below are pointing to updated scrapper.

I have just created a FireFox toolbar for scrapbook flooding.
This is my first FireFox extension and created in hurry! Act many pals, beyond my imagination having problem with manual flooding!

Its properly tested, but be careful as i haven't included any error checking code. (Also today i worked first time on any FireFox extension)

Help on flooder is available @ toolbar itself!
Wish u happy flooding!!!

File: Scrapper.xpi (v 1.0 beta)
Size: 5 KB
Download Link: Click here to start download.

Installation Note:
1. Start FireFox! (The flooder will work only with FireFox 1.5 - 2.0.*. So please download it or upgrade it if necessary!)
2. Click-here to download scrapper.
3. When download starts, a pop-up window will appear! Just hit INSTALL n RESTART FIREFOX!!!

User Manual:
  1. Open Scrapbook You Want To Flood!
  2. Write scrap the way you normally write into the orkut scrapbox! (All kinda formatting is allowed here!)
  3. Adjust Time Interval, As per your connection speed before starting the flood! (e.g. 2000 for dial-up, 100o for Broadband, 100 for T1 Line)
  4. Now Instead of hitting Orkut's SUBMIT Button, hit START FLOOD Button on scrapper toolbar!
Thats it! Flooding Will start!
  • To Stop Flooding, Close that particular tab/window!
  • To start flooding another scrapbook (simultaneously), Open that scrapbook and repeat the above 4-step procedure!


Q. Pop-up windows does not open n file gets downloaded to hard-disk.
Ans: Open that file "scrapper.xpi" in FireFox. U can just use drag-n-drop. After opening a pop-up window will appear in FireFox. Just hit INSTALL-NOW! (u need to restart FireFox in order to complete installation)

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