Friday, November 10, 2006

GoogleTalk Integrated finally with Orkut!

What is the coolest thing is that the way they have done this integration!
Many people had different opinion about this integration... But as I wrote about adding a green dot indicator beside every profile who is online & using GoogleTalk simultaneously!

So wats new on orkut now?
When u log into orkut, u will see green dot beside some of the profiles! This means they r using GoogleTalk or any other IM network but signed into GoogleTalk service like Gmail!

Now when u click on any such green dot for the first time, u'll get redirected to the page where u can choose ur privacy n one step further ur orkut account will be linked to GoogleTalk!

If u don't have GoogleTalk, please download & install it from here! U wil also get this link from orkut!
GoogleTalk is available only for Windows Platform as of now!
But u can use this service from other IM networks!

Listing here are links so that u can use this feature!

Wats more u can disable GoogleTalk Integraton if u want at anytime by going to ur swtting page n clickin on link : GoogleTalk Settings!
So next time don't ask someone whether he/she use any messenger service!

Gone old scrapping days!
Long Live Google!

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