Thursday, November 02, 2006

Orkut is Blocked :( Dont Worry :) Here is the Solution ;)

Tips and Tricks

1. The first trick is to access orkut through the ip address. Follow these steps
> Click on start of your desktop then select Run
> write ping -t then press enter
> it will display the IP address of
> use that ip address like and then press enter
It doesnt work if websense is used for orkut blocking

2. There is another trick to avoi the websense but I am not sure about this
after getting your IP write like this in yours address bar

if these tricks not work dont worry other ways are also there :)
Use web proxies
Well I likes the this is fastest proxy for accessing the orkut
if it doesnt work on your system
go to then on search text box
write then click the first result that you will get then you can be able to browse the orkut ;)

Other Proxy list are given below, all are working
----------------------------------------------------------------- ( Use this proxy with no javascripts) ( Use this proxy with no javascripts)


Check for huge list of proxies available , all the not working for orkut but you can access other websites
like etc by using these proxies.


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