Friday, November 10, 2006

Orkut: HiNew Scrap 1.0 - Know who is online & scrapping u!

This is latest GreaseMonkey Script for Orkut users n biggest also!
When u install this u will receive notification

  • when someone scraps u!
  • when any of your friend comes online!

Also u can choose to be notified in three way-
  • small pop-up balloon in right-bottom corner as shown in above screen-shot. (this can not be turned off)
  • a sound alert!
  • a funny alert will Shake ur screen!
Wats good about balloon notification is that it shows scraps content when somebody scraps u! It also shows name n pic of friend who is coming online!

Another Layout option is there for changing color of balloon notification n configuration panel!

All this can be configurable, which is really rare in GreaseMonkey Scripts! It adds three more links besides "Home | Friends | Message | .... " links on top of every orkut page! One is for opening ur scrapbook and another is for configuration wizard to change the behavior of this script!

Installation Procedure:
Again this is for firefox & GreaseMonkey Only! So...
  1. Download firefox if u don't have it!
  2. Install greasemonkey extension for firefox.
  3. Close all firefox windows and restart firefox.
  4. Right-Click here (Mac User Clrl + Click) and select "Install User Script" Option!
Script Link:

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