Friday, May 30, 2008

Selective Expandable posts

Translations by other bloggers: Chinese, Thai

Earlier, I had announced Peekaboo posts which shows post summaries in main page and expands them in the main page itself. But, some people would still like to use the classic way of expanding posts which takes the reader to the post page upon clicking "Read more" link. One of them asked me how to display the "read more" link only for some long posts and not others. I gave him a combination of peekaboo and non-peekaboo code that serves this purpose. As I started getting more such requests, I thought I will post the code for everyone who wants to use. Here's what you need to do.

1. Find the

 tag in your template and add all the code from this page before it.

2. Find this div for the post-body and add the portion of code in red color.

expr:id='"post-" +' >

Read More......

3. Goto Settings->Formatting and at the bottom, you will find the text box provided to specify the "Post template". Copy/paste these lines into that text box and save the settings. (Please DON'T type these lines yourself because you might introduce some spaces that will break the functionality)

Type your summary here

Type rest of the post here

If you create a new post now, it shows you clearly where to type the summary and where to add the rest of the post. Please note that you could also divide some or all of your old posts into summary and full post by editing them. The "Read more" link will appear only for the posts that have been divided like this.

Note 1: If you are not able to find the lines to change, you may not have expanded the template. Select the checkbox named "Expand Widget Templates", which is right above the template code, to expand it into more code.
Note 2: If you click "Older posts" link, the "Read more" link may appear even for the posts which you haven't divided into summary and full post. This is a known problem which we haven't solved yet.

I hope you will link to Hackosphere in your sidebar. That's the only thing I expect in return

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Generate Tiny URL - Hide original URL

Turn this URL:
into this tinyURL:
Which one would you rather cut and paste into your browser? That's the power of TinyURL!

Add TinyURL to your browser's toolbar

TinyURL Toolbar.

Click and drag the following link to your links toolbar.

Once this is on your toolbar, you'll be able to make a TinyURL at the click of a button. By clicking on the toolbar button, a TinyURL will be created for the page you are currently at.

This is compatible with most web browsers and platforms as long as your bookmarks or favorites allow javascript. The links toolbar may not be visible in all setups and in most browsers, you can enable it in the View->Toolbars menu of your web browser. You can also put it in your bookmarks instead of the links toolbar.

Adding TinyURL to Favorites.

Can't drag and drop? For some users, such as some recent IE 6 installations, the clicking and dragging of links that contain javascript is no longer supported. To add this to your IE links toolbar, click the link with your right mouse button and select "Add to Favorites..." from the menu. Click OK if a security warning alert pops-up (this shows up since the link contains javscript). If a list of folders is not shown, click the "Create in >>>" button (see image at right). Now select the folder called "Links" and then click OK. You should now see the TinyURL on your links toolbar, if not, see the last paragraph above.

Redirection to any page in your site!

With TinyURL, you can also make a smaller URL that will work for any page on your site. Let's say that you have a website with the homepage that is at:
Entering that URL into TinyURL will create a URL like
With this you can then redirect someone to anywhere within your site by appending a slash and the pages filename to it. So if you have a page at, you can use the URL and going to this URL will forward the visitor to the page in your website.

Hide your affiliate URLs

Are you posting something that you don't want people to know what the URL is because it might give away that it's an affiliate link? Then you can enter a URL into TinyURL, and your affiliate link will be hidden from the visitor, only the address and the ending address will be visible to your visitors.


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Monday, May 26, 2008

Suzuki Hydrogen Fuel Cell Motorcycle

Folks at Suzuki have come with their latest concept and they’ve been spotted testing it, introducing the Suzuki Crosscage Hydrogen Fuel Cell Motorcycle. This motorcycle comes with no gears, no clutch and no emissions. This hydrogen fuel cell / electric hybrid two-wheeler might be the future of motorcycles. More pictures after the break.

[via Yanko Design]

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Classic Computer

The computer is collected from 19 " the monitor, old computer iron on the basis of P4, a power unit 350W, heaps ??????????? and copper sheets
And here that from this it has turned out.....

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Google Using ToolBar Data To Find New Sites

Google ToolbarI’ve read a lot recently that Google is relying more and more on ToolBar data for determining SERPS, site quality, etc - as a matter of fact, Jeremy Shoemaker mentioned it just the other day in his post titled SEO Has No Future. So far though, the theory that Google is using this data is just that - theory. It makes sense. Why else would Google pay $1 for Firefox with Google Toolbar conversions? But as usual with Google, nobody knows for sure (until now?)

Proof That Google Is Using ToolBar Data:

Maybe this is already known by others, but it’s new to me so I’m writing about it because I think you can use it to your advantage - Especially if you create a lot of new sites and you want Google to get them indexed quickly.

A week or so ago, Mubin Ahmed was having trouble with his server. I offered to help and created an account for him on my dedicated server and imported his WordPress blog. He ended up getting another server so his account was only active on my box for a few hours. The only two people that knew the custom URL to the test-blog were Mubin and myself. I don’t think Mubin even visited the test-site, but I visited it several times using Firefox with the ToolBar installed. Once we got Mubin up and running on his own server, I deleted his test blog from my server and deleted the account - remember - total time online only a few hours.

Today while perusing my server logs I noticed something very odd: Several attempted hits to unique URLs that belonged to Mubin’s test-blog. All of those hits were from the Google Bot. The only way that Google could have known that those unique URLs existed is if they were captured while I was visiting those pages. This test-blog had no links from anywhere, and it was only online for a short time. To me this is proof that Google used the data collected via the Toolbar when I visited those pages to add them to the index.

So if you want your new sites found and indexed quickly, it looks like all you have to do is visit it a few times with your toolbar installed - getting a few of your friends to do the same thing might help too.

No biggie - but I thought I would share.

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Firefox Referral Tracking Issue Confirmed As “Bug”

FirefoxThe last response I received from Adsense Support was “I’ve escalated your issue to one of our account pecialists for further investigation. We’ll get back to you shortly.” That was on Monday, and I still have not heard back from them.

However, a few days after the issue with Firefox Referral tracking first appeared on March 19th, I sent an email to my “inside” contact at Google. To protect his identity, I will refer to him as “Mr. G”. I was beginning to think that Mr. G would not respond to my message, but to my surprise, his reply popped-up on my iPhone this morning just before lunch. In part, he said:

I was told that there does seem to be a bug which is currently being addressed. I’ll forward you any response I get about the solution they implement.

So based on this exclusive information from “Mr. G” - Google is aware of this issue, it is a “bug” and it is not caused by “invalid clicks” as I was originally led to believe in my first response from Adsense Support.

So the good news is that it is a bug, which means the good people at the GooglePlex should have it worked-out soon. The bad news is that it is a bug, and it will be a while before it gets fixed - meaning many publisher’s income will continue to suffer until then.

UPDATE: Within days of this post, Adsense fixed whatever the issue was, and Firefox conversions and earnings are now back to normal. This has been confirmed by many other webmasters at the DP Forums. Google never made any announcement about the problem.

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Make Money Online The Easy Way

A few months ago I gave AdBrite a try. Honestly the results were not very good and I stopped using it after about one month. The problem wasn’t really with AdBrite per-se, but more with the nature of our site and the visitors - but for some websites AdBrite performs very well. I think it is important to try different affiliate programs to find what works and what does not work for your site. Since most affiliate programs like AdBrite, Adsense, CJ, Kontera, etc are all free all you really have to lose is the amount of time you spend implementing them on your website.

Profiting from Others:
I had not used AdBrite for several months but decided to check my account to see what they were planning to do with the $2.68 I had earned while testing them on my site. I was surprised to see that my account balance was over $20! In going through my earnings report I found that these earnings were from affiliates. I had all but forgotten that almost a year ago we posted a how to make money on the Internet page at the site with an AdBrite referral on it - it was from these referrals that I was earning about $0.50/day. These earnings aren’t spectacular, but considering the amount of time invested, it’s not too bad.

If you haven’t tried AdBrite it’s worth a try. Even if it does not generate any direct income, try their affiliate program and let others do the work for you - it is by far one of the easiest ways to generate income from your site.

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Automatically Check Your Adsense Stats

AdSense Notifier is a cool little add-in for Firefox that automatically checks your stats and displays them in the lower-right corner of your Firefox status-bar. Adsense Notifier in FirefoxIf you suffer from Adsense stat-check obsession like I do, then this little gem is a must-have. I started using the AS notifier about a year ago and and I can’t imagine living without it.

Installation is simple: First download Firefox. If you do notAdsense Notifier Settings have Firefox you can download it for free here: FIREFOX DOWNLOAD. After you have Firefox installed go to and download the current version of Adsense Notifier. It is downloadable as a .XPI file which will automatically install itself as an add-in in Firefox (will not work in Internet Explorer). Once you have Firefox and Adsense Notifier installed, enter your Adsense account info and customize the settings to your liking. I set mine to update stats every 19 minutes.

Adsense Notifier is free.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Top 10 Best torrent search and download

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Here is the List Of Top 10 Torrent Sites ; They are Most Widely used on Internet for various Downloading Activities.

BiteNova : BiteNova is a free Torrent site with a Decent look and fast searching format. : Easy To Use and Handle. This is Now Availale Worldwide. : It is Like a "meta-Torrent search" engine, which is a search engine that searches other search engines for Torrent.

Demonoid : This is One of my Favorite. Good For Searching Music and Movies.

Bitsoup Bitsoup is a growing P2P Torrent. As the trend towards private torrent sharing continues, you will need to signup and join as a member to participate in the Bitsoup swarm.

Fenopy : Torrent Search Engines For Movies, Music , Videos Files Mainly. A good torrnt Search Engines.

The Pirate Bay : Pirate Bay, by readership size, is the most popular torrent search site today. Pirate Bay has an immense database of 600,000+ torrents Mininova is the successor to Suprnova, one of the original big torrent databases of the Web. : A unique bittorrent meta-search engine that searches several of the most popular sites.

Source Helps :

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Need a favor from all those using my hacks

Dear readers,

Thanks to design guru Aditya's help, we now have promotion buttons for bvibes. So many of you have picked up my hacks for free in the past and improved your blogs. Here's a small favor that you could do for me in return. As part of my efforts to promote my new venture, I found out that advertising in major blogs like costs a lot (in the order of $1000 per month). So, I am asking you to add this small button to your sidebar and help me spread the word.

In Template/Page elements tab, click on "Add a page element" and add a HTML/Javascript element with this piece of code:

<style type="text/css">
.bvibes_img {
margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;
<a href="">
<img class="bvibes_img" src="">

Then you can move the button to wherever you want in your sidebar (preferably in a prominent position).

For those who have joined, don't you want to see more people reading your submissions? Here's a bigger button that you could add to your blog.

Just modify the img src line as follows to use this image:
<img class="bvibes_img" src="">

Thank you!

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Special effects for Peekaboo posts!

Yesterday, I thought my most popular hack, Peekaboo posts, needs a makeover. A while back, I received a comment that the post expands too quickly when you click "Read more" link. I thought this could be something to improve upon. How about some special effect like Fade In/Fade Out? You got it! I have integrated the popular javascript effects library with our peekaboo posts. You can see it in action in my test blog. If you click on "Read more", the full post appears gradually from nowhere and it fades in nicely if you click "Summary only".

You gotta have it in your blog, right? You can have it with very few changes to your template. I spent a few hours on this and surpassed some limitations of and (bugridden) IE to get this working in Firefox, IE and Opera. Just follow these steps if you have already installed peekaboo posts in your blog.

Step 1: Add these lines before the /head tag.

<script type='text/javascript' src=
<script type='text/javascript' src=
<script type='text/javascript'>
var fade = true;
var peekaboo_bgcolor = '#ffffff';

If your blog's background color is anything other than white, you need to change the peekaboo_bgcolor appropriately for it to work properly in IE. Since most blogs have white background, it should work as it is.

Step 2: Find this portion of code and remove the line shown in red.
   <div class='post-body'>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
<style>#fullpost {display:none;}</style>
That's it! Go ahead and impress your readers. Scriptaculous has many more effects like slide down/up, drap/drop etc which I will try to make use of in the future. If you liked this, help me spread the word about (which has 170+ registered users now) by adding the bvibes button to your sidebar as described here.

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Blogger Template Post Code

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "item"'>
<script type="text/javascript">

var fade = false;
function showFull(id) {
var post = document.getElementById(id);
var spans = post.getElementsByTagName('span');
for (var i = 0; i &lt; spans.length; i++) {
if (spans[i].id == "fullpost") {
if (fade) {
spans[i].style.background = peekaboo_bgcolor;
} else spans[i].style.display = 'inline';
if (spans[i].id == "showlink")
spans[i].style.display = 'none';
if (spans[i].id == "hidelink")
spans[i].style.display = 'inline';

function hideFull(id) {
var post = document.getElementById(id);
var spans = post.getElementsByTagName('span');
for (var i = 0; i &lt; spans.length; i++) {
if (spans[i].id == "fullpost") {
if (fade) {
spans[i].style.background = peekaboo_bgcolor;
} else spans[i].style.display = 'none';
if (spans[i].id == "showlink")
spans[i].style.display = 'inline';
if (spans[i].id == "hidelink")
spans[i].style.display = 'none';

function checkFull(id) {
var post = document.getElementById(id);
var spans = post.getElementsByTagName('span');
var found = 0;
for (var i = 0; i &lt; spans.length; i++) {
if (spans[i].id == "fullpost") {
spans[i].style.display = 'none';
found = 1;
if ((spans[i].id == "showlink") &amp;&amp; (found == 0))
spans[i].style.display = 'none';


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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Increase The Number Of Simultaneous Downloads In IE 7

Internet Explorer 7 doesn’t allow you to download more than 2 files at a time. In case if you want to download more than two files at a time then here’s a way:

1. Go to Start and select Run and then type regedit and press Enter.

2. Now you’ll be in the registry editor, navigate to the following key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings

3. Right click in the empty space, and create a new DWord (32-bit) value by choosing
New > DWord Value . Name it as follows:

(Note: The 0 beside Server is a zero)

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4. Double click this entry and modify the value to 3.
(Substitute 3 for the preferred maximum number of downloads)

5. Create another DWord:


6. Once again, double click this entry and modify the value to 3.

Now restart your browser. You’ll be able to download more than two files.

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How to embed / play music / audio file within a blog or website

If you have a music file in any format and you wanted to show the option to play it on your blog or you wanted to play the music file on your blog, then this article will explain you how can you do this.

Before showing the steps for playing music file on your blog or website, I would like to warn you that playing background music on your blog may be annoying to many of your visitors and that may reduce your visitor count. I will suggest you not to play background music files on your blog. But yes you can have music player with music files installed on your blog and have visitor the option to play or not to play on the request.

Here are various ways to embed / play music files on your blog or website

  • The first thing you need to do is upload your music file to some public hosting website. You can have your own hosting site or you can use various free hosting sites like ,, etc
Method 1 Online Playlist
  • After uploading the music / audio file, you need to get its public URL which can be accessed from where in the browser (e.g.
  • You can upload any number of such files
  • After this is done create one text file using Notepad or TextPad or any other text editors and copy paste all the URLs of your uploaded music file into it one URL per line as shown bellow.
  • Now save this text file with .m3u extension (e.g. myplaylist.m3u)
  • Once it is done upload this file also to some hosting website and get its public URL (e.g.
  • After all this add HTML /JavaScript gadget to your blog and write code similar to bellow in content part of it
<a href="URL of m3u file">Play some music online</a>
  • If your m3u file's URL is then above code should look like
<a href="">Play some music online</a>
  • Save this gadget and you have embed link to online play list of your audio / music file with your blogger blog. In case of website you can copy paste above code in site HTML source of your web page
Method 2 Auto play or Background music

  • You can upload your audio or music file to any web hosting site as mentioned in above method and get its URL
  • Once you get the URL replace your URL in the bellow code in place of Audio File URL in the bellow code
&lt;EMBED src="Audio File URL"

&lt;BGSOUND src="Audio File URL"&gt;

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