Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Automatically Check Your Adsense Stats

AdSense Notifier is a cool little add-in for Firefox that automatically checks your stats and displays them in the lower-right corner of your Firefox status-bar. Adsense Notifier in FirefoxIf you suffer from Adsense stat-check obsession like I do, then this little gem is a must-have. I started using the AS notifier about a year ago and and I can’t imagine living without it.

Installation is simple: First download Firefox. If you do notAdsense Notifier Settings have Firefox you can download it for free here: FIREFOX DOWNLOAD. After you have Firefox installed go to code.mincus.com and download the current version of Adsense Notifier. It is downloadable as a .XPI file which will automatically install itself as an add-in in Firefox (will not work in Internet Explorer). Once you have Firefox and Adsense Notifier installed, enter your Adsense account info and customize the settings to your liking. I set mine to update stats every 19 minutes.

Adsense Notifier is free.

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