Monday, July 14, 2008

Orkut Proxy Access Orkut at Any Banned Network Easily

Now a days Orkut has become life for youth .It is the best way to find and mingle with friends.I have seen at many places Orkut is banned like in school,colleges,offices etc.Even i too have faced the same problem since it has been blocked in my office also.If the orkut will be blocked by Firewall through Keyword ,then it is very difficult to access it by proxy sites like Kproxy.There is different process by small change in IP and free surf.

I just can't live without Orkut,so i find out the solution for orkuting from my office Desktop even after blocking through Firewall.I want to share the process with all my friends so that they could also go for orkuting without any trouble.Here is the process...

Process of Using Proxy :

1. Go through this site for Proxy IP addresses : ProxyBox or Proxy4free
2. Find out the IP address and Port Address with your country or latency references
3. Go to the Tool-Option-Advance-Network Section for Firefox; and mention this address with port.
[Go through the Tool-Option-Connection-LAN Setting if Avant or Explorer Browser,Repeat the same prcocess]

4. Click Ok

5. Enjoy the Orkuting.

There is another process by which you can change the existing text to hexacode can browse the banned site. This Process is not very successful if the site is blocked by firewall using keywords. I have tried it in my office where orkut is banned through Firewall, this process doesn't work here but it is useful for many places.....
1. Go through this link Text to Hexa

2. Put your Keyword like "" or whatever the site you want to access in the box.
3. It will give you some results use the result which is showing [ Hex Encoded for URL: %6f%72%6b%75%74%2e%63%6f%6d ]

4. Put this URL to address bar of your Browser

5. Enjoy Orkuting.

Note : Right Now it is working with IE browser only ; Joke : It is easy to hack IE ha ha ha

Note : Incase of any trouble, Do let me know.

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