Saturday, July 19, 2008

iPhone 3G - Pre registration started by Airtel and Vodafone

A quick update: I was shocked to see iPhone ad by Vodafone on TOI yesterday. Now Vodafone has started bookings for iPhone. If you are a Vodafone subscriber, you can send an SMS as IPHONE to 56789 to book an iPhone! You can also book your iPhone online at Vodafone website. But there is no announcement of 3G service by Vodafone. Vodafone website also says “Currently compatible only with 2G networks. Only select features and services are currently available in India”. Vodafone has not yet made any announcement on price, plans & features. I also tried calling Vodafone customer care, but they know just as much as I know. So, we will have to wait until Vodafone makes any further announcement.

Another quick update: Airtel too joins Vodafone for Pre-registering iPhone in India. You can book yours online at Both Vodafone & Airtel are tight lipped about when they are going to launch & price. But it seems to be in near future.
I will be sending these kind of quick updates on SMS! you can subscribe by sending JOIN TECHB to 567678. SMS might cost you Rs.3 to Rs.5, but it’s only one time you have to send. You can also subscribe to this SMS updates online at

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