Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How to create shortcuts for shutdown, restart and hibernate in windows xp.

Have you ever wanted, To create shortcuts for the most common actions like shutdown, hibernate or restart on your desktop, so that you could fire up all these commands just by clicking a shortcut placed on your desktop.

All the operations shutdown, restart are nothing but a simple execution command for the system exe called shutdown.exe but with different parameter.

But this is not the same case with hibernate as it is a suspended state off in case of windows xp and it has nothing to do with shutdown.exe

Now, How to create shortcuts for shutdown, restart and hibernate.

1. Right Click on your Desktop, go to New>>shortcut.

2. Now for creating respective shortcut copy the commands given below.


SHUTDOWN -s -t 01


SHUTDOWN -r -t 01


rundll32.exe PowrProf.dll, SetSuspendState

3. Click next and then finish(You can change the icon to make these shortcuts more meaningful.

Well this is a very simple trick for windows xp users but again useful ,so if you like to say anything please leave a comment here.

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