Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fix slow opening of my computer in Win Xp and delayed contens display.

If you are encountering the one of the most common problem of slow opening of my computer in windows xp and contents of my computer as a result display very lately then you will be suprized to know that your computer is not old or slow but there is simple fix to this problem.

Why Does My computer opens slowly ?

The main reason behind is the default option being checked in windows xp to search for network drives and printers every time you open my computer.

How to Speed up My Computer Opening

1. Open My computer>>File Menu>>Tools>>Folder Options >>View

2. Uncheck the first checkbox which says “Automatically search for Network folders and printers

3. You can also simply Disconnect the Map drives to solve this issue ,Tools>>Dissconect the Map Drives(Network Drives)

Note: If still after doing these things your my computer opens slow please leave a comment here i will help you in that case.

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