Tuesday, November 06, 2007

How to Crack the iPhone

Update 2007.09.21: see also How to crack the iPhone Part 2 with simpler instructions on how to crack it on a mac

Me Phone

- Get a Windows machine with administrator rights. Windows running inside Parallels doesn’t work, as the Windows iTunes will not see the iPhone’s USB connection.

- Install iTunes Get it from Apple. (mirror) (via Softzilla :: iTunes

- Install UltraEdit 32.

- Download Phone Activation Server v1.0. (mirror)

- Using notepad or any other text editor, edit the file “c:\ windows\ system32\ drivers\ etc\ hosts” and add the following line: albert.apple.com

- Backup the file iTunes.exe on C:\Program Files\iTunes.

- Edit iTunes.exe using UltraEdit32. Press CTRL-G, enter “2048912“, write “33 C0 C3“. Then Offset 257074, enter “28“. Finally offset “257013“, enter “33 C9 B1“. Save the file and close UltraEdit32.

- Make sure nothing is running and using the port 80. (e.g. no HTTP server running)

- Start the Phone Activation Server v1.0 application.

- Plug the iPhone and start iTunes.

- iPhone will activate after some seconds and will show some message like “Invalid SIM card”. Slide it to continue.

- Have Fun!

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