Friday, July 13, 2007

Orkut Scrap Flooding

Bored with work yesterday and waiting for the 3 hour conference call at 7:30 PM to start, I was just looking around at someone's blogs, when I noticed that this chap had a post about orkut hacking. Intersting .. :)
Some nice tweaks, nice work :)
Though, it doesnt work now, I assume because of extra search form that orkut scrap book page has now.
Anyway, a little change to it and this is what we have now.

javascript:/*Javascript for Scrap Flooding. Copy Paste this Entire Code into the Address bar of your friend's scrap-book and press Enter. A Prompt Box opens up. Enter the Scrap-Text into it and press ok.For Customizing the script, refer Have Fun .. Happy Hacking !! */var i=1;var message = prompt("What message do you want to mass-scrap with ? ", "Enter Your text Here");function scrapper(){ if ( i > 50) { exit(0); }; var send_message = i +". "+message ;i = i + 1 ; document.forms[1].scrapText.value=send_message; document.getElementById('b2').onclick();} ; void(setInterval(scrapper,2000));

Just copy paste the entire javascript code into your browser address bar, when you are on someone’s scrap book ( a friends’ scrap book only, orkut has image verification in case you are scrapping someone not in your friends’s list, hence this wont’ work )
You will be prompted for the message you want to scrap with.

Small changes, that you can customize this for yourself.
1. change the 50 to something else in this line if ( i > 50) { exit(0); } if you want more or less scrap messages. Of course, it doesn’t send exactly 50 scraps. Determined more or less by the refresh time of the page.
2. change the 2000 something else, depending on how often you want to scrap. 2000 milliseconds is the time between subsequent scraps.

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