Friday, July 13, 2007

Azooca offers video mail for those that want to watch instead of read

Text just not good enough for sending your important email? How about some video for the tired eyes in the morning that just don't feel like reading!

Azooca, a new video email service that has just launched, provides users with a new way to send email. Azooca's video emails let users send, receive and organize video messages through its video email inbox. The Azooca email inbox can hold up to a 250MB for attachments and incoming video messages.

To start recording video messages users get just the basics, record, play and stop in their email composition window. Video clips are unfortunately capped at one minute in length, but can be saved in draft format and sent at a later time. It is a simple enough to use application, just watch out because there have been numerous reports about messages getting dumped into junk and spam folders.

Take a look at EyeJot for a similar service.

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