Friday, July 13, 2007

Orkut Hack 2 .. Reply to all Scraps

Want to reply to all scraps on your scrapbook at once ?
Normally useful when you get lots of wishes on your scrapbook (like birthday and what not)

Go to your scrapbook and copy-paste the following javascript code into your browser address-bar and press enter. you will be prompted for the text you want to reply with.
It scraps everyone who has sent you a scrap on your first scrap page.

javascript: var i = 1; var message = prompt("What message do you want to Reply-All with ? ", "Thank You !! ") ; function reply_all() { var scrapTextid="scrapText_"+ i ; var linkid="b"+(3*i+1); document.getElementById(scrapTextid).value=message ; document.getElementById(linkid).onclick(); i=i+1; document.forms['replyForm'].action="#"} ; void(setInterval(reply_all,500));

PS -> Working on a version that allows you to scrap everyone who has scrapped you .. not just the people on the first page of the scrapbook .. wonder if it would be really useful though :)

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