Monday, October 09, 2006


Now newly updated link for this one is

After flooding the next thing you are wishing is obviously a way to send a single scrap to all your friends... a very uncool way to forward something as of now (for you) is sending your scrap as a message... I find this is very boring..

So should we ask dear orkut to provide this feature??? I can't wait so long so I discovered Orkut Cute and this is by APC softwares!

Orkut cute is packed with features and you will come to know when you will download and use it! To give an idea listing here some features i really like...

  • U can send one single scrap to all your friends.
  • It also informs u when u receive new scraps from your pals n new topics in yours communities.
  • U can delete multiple scraps at once.
  • U can send one single scrap to all your community members!

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