Wednesday, July 06, 2011

How To Send Google+ Plus Invite to Friend ?

By now you must have managed to get the Google+ (PLUS) account. And may be you are looking to invite your friends on Google+ (PLUS) so that you can have real-time communication using it. Currently Google+ (PLUS) is enabled to limited users only and you can invite limited friends only. But here is very simple tricks using which you can send invitation to Google+ any number of friends.

Trick 1: Invite your friend on Google plus by sharing the post with him/her
- Create a stream / post in Google+ and at the bottom there is message "Add circles or people to share with..." that place you can directly type email address of the friend whom you want to invite.
- Also you can add set of your friends in to one circle and select the circle while sharing the stream or post.

Trick 2: Create handout with your friend whom you are willing to invite to Google+
Create hangout for Google+ from "Start Hangout" button of right side navigation, and add any one email address of your friend whom you wanted to invite to Google+. That will send out an email to him / her and by clicking on the link in the email he/she will be able to join Google+.

Once you sent invite you can also ask user to visit where they can find option to create Google plus profile.

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