Monday, July 25, 2011

Google+ Plus - Disable / Enable Email or SMS notification

I recently joined Google+ Plus and just after sometime I noticed that my mail box is getting flooded with bunch of email from Google+ Plus related to different notifications like someone added me to circle, someone shared a post with me on Google+ Plus. Somebody commented on my post or photo or link. Or someone commented on the same post / photo / link where I had commented previously.. Or may be someone has tagged me and lot of other things happening on Google Plus

Initially when I had few friend it looks nice to have such emails, but now a day I receive hundreds of such email. Finally I found the way to disable these notifications on Google+ Plus or enable only required Google+ Plus notifications.

Here are simple steps to enable or disable various email / SMS notifications on  Google+ Plus

  • Here you can find various options to enable / disable email notifications and SMS notifications for Google+ Plus account


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