Monday, December 07, 2009

How to create new wave on Google Wave?

Here is very simple step by step guide to know how can you create new wave on Google Wave?

  • Login to
  • After successful login you can find "Navigation" panel on the left side of the screen. You can select "Inbox" or "All" from the Navigation panel. Which will display waves you have subscribed on the right side of Navigation panel. And on the top of it you can find the button "New Wave"
  • Click on "New Wave" button to create new Wave.
  • Here you can type any kind of message or information you need to share with your friends. You can also attach images or any file over here. Once everything is done click on "Done" button to finish and let your friends view your changes.
  • You can add one or more friends to the newly created wave or existing wave by clicking "+" button as shown in the images.

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