Friday, December 04, 2009

Creating Public Wave : How To Make your wave as Public Wave or Provide Everyone Access on Google Wave?

Finally, I got invitation from Google to access the Google Wave. It is really gr8 way to communicate with the people on Google Wave. Currently you can get Google Wave by invitation only either form Google or if your friend who has Google Wave can invite you. I and many of my friend got the wave, I was just experimenting Google Wave features and gone though wave help article to create public wave.

This seems to has insufficient information. I search on Google and found out a way to create a Wave with public access or grant existing wave to public access. Hence, I thought of writing this article to provide complete information about creating public wave or granting public / everyone access to existing wave.

As per Google Help you need to add "" to your wave and your wave will become public as shown in the bellow images. But many users are getting error " is not a Google Wave account." as shown in the bellow image.

There is an alternate solution you can try to add the "" in your google wave contact list. This may fail by showing following error.

In this case there is another work around using a bot "" to make your wave public. Add "" in your wave

And it will make your wave a public wave by automatically adding "" in to your wave.

Note: You might need to add "" to your contacts before adding it to Wave as follows:

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