Saturday, August 29, 2009

How to enable / disable local language translation while creating / editing new post?

One of my friend has the problem while creating new post. Even if he types English words it automatically gets converted to Hindi words. That was because he has enabled the local language translation. That may occur to you also for any other local languages. Or you might be willing to write your posts in local languages. Then please read following steps to enable or disables this feature while creating new post:

  • While creating new post switch to Compose mode to enable or disable local language translation options if you do not find this Compose mode option as shown in the figure then to enable it please check this article
  • Then click on the tool bar icon (this icon is for Indian language for your country and language it might be different but at the same place) as shown in the following image to enable local language translation
  • Once you click on it the selected icon should look similar to bellow image
  • Now when ever you type any thing in the content section in English it will automatically translated to your local language. To disable this click on the same icon as shown in the above image
  • For India blogger gives option to translate in to languages other then Hindi also to change the language click on the arrow next to the language icon and it will display the options to select any other languages as shown in the bellow image

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