Thursday, August 28, 2008

Inside AdSense: Answers to your referrals retirement questions

Inside AdSense: Answers to your referrals retirement questions

I was since beginning of this I can not find Adsense referral ads on my blog. I was worried that is there something wrong happened or is it blocked on my blog only. But I finally found on Google Adsense blog that it is retired from Adsense and now Google has announced that Adsense referral no longer come back again.

I am very disappointed by this announcement since referral unit earns much more revenue then normal ad units since here you have choice to place the ad for those referrals which pays you higher.

But it is good news that referral amount which is not credited to your Google adsense account will not be lost. If your referral finishes referral condition till 30 Sept 2008 then the referral amount will be credited to your account.

And also your existing ad units, search units, mobile units or feed units which are not an referral ad unit will not be affected and will continue to show ads as it is and generating the revenue as it is.

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