Thursday, June 19, 2008

Compare Clicky and Google Analytics

Difference between Clicky and Google Analytics


Google Analytics

All the basics
Customizable dashboard
Intuitive filtering system
Developer API
Works great for tracking Ajax and Flash interactions
Juicy details about each individual visitor
See every action by every visitor
Compatible with secure (https) sites
Track outbound links
Track downloads
Bounce rates
Visitor organizations (e.g. Microsoft Corp)
Visitor hostnames (e.g.
Most active visitors
Track custom data for every visitor (usernames, cookies, etc)
IP tags
Real time data
Widgets of Mass Deliciousness to put on your web site
Get your stats via RSS feeds
View popular data in a TagCloud instead of boring tables and charts
Aggregate (multi-day) view for all data
Data export to CSV, XML, and JSON
Spy (a live view of your web site)
Works with visitors who have disabled JavaScript
White label as your own product
Official WordPress plugin for easy integration with your blog
FeedBurner RSS stats integration
Google Maps integration
Clean, modern interface
Public statistics
Updated constantly
Free service
Insanely affordable premium service
(starting at less than $2/month)
Affiliate program to earn you cash or free premium service

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