Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nettop from Onkyo with switchable modular DVD-drive

An interesting innovation has pleased us with an Asian company Onkyo. Nettop manufacturer has released a new platform based P305A3 ION already familiar with the Atom 230 processor (pozhmotnichali long overdue move to a dual core 330) with a frequency of 1.6 gigahertz. What is so unusual for a novelty? P305A3. Of course, this you have not seen: a nettop comes bundled with an external DVD-drive, which is attached to the hull P305A3 as a module. You can always leave your home Nettop without an optical drive, taking him on a trip to the set on a thin laptop. Rather, such an interesting solution to attract many users. The device is equipped with two gigabytes of RAM and hard disk capacity of 160 gigabytes. Buy a novelty will be in March next year at a price of 770 dollars, to put it mildly - about twice as overrated.

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