Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Show / Hide Blogs on Profile and Dashboard

I got lot of blog (more than 50) on a single blogger account. I do not wish to display all my blogs on my profile page or may willing to hide some of my blogs which I am not changing frequently from Dashboard. Here I am going to explain step by step guide for both of them

How to Hide / Show Blog on Dashboard?

  • Log in to and you are at Dashboard
  • Here you can be able to see the list of blogs
  • Next to name of each blog you will be able to see the link "Hide" as shown in bellow image; click on "Hide" link to hide this blog from the Dashboard and the particular blog become hidden on Dashboard
  • Now to view this particular blog again go to bottom part of list of blog, here you can see the link "Show All" as shown in bellow image.
  • Click on "Show All" link and it will display all the blogs including hidden.
  • Now to make unhidden (Always Show) the hidden blog, you can see the "Always Show" link next to each hidden blog as shown in bellow image. Click on "Always Show" link to show this blog on Dashboard always

How to Show / Hide blog on Profile Page?
  • Log in to and you are at Dashboard
  • Click on "Edit Profile" link to edit the blogger profile
  • Here next to Show my blogs there is a link "Select blogs to display" as shown in bellow image. Click on that link and you will find list of your blog with check box.
  • On this page, select the check box to display the blog on profile page and deselect the check box to hide the particular bog from the profile page.
  • Once it is done click on "SAVE SETTINGS" button at the bottom part of the page and everything is doen.

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