Saturday, September 06, 2008

Tips and Tricks to Increase Traffic to Your Sire or Blog

I recently tried with Yahoo Buzz! and for my different blogs "Technical Details", "Entertainment Emails about Bollywood and Hollywood" , so on and found dramatic increase in traffic of my all blogs. The traffic almost doubled in last 15 days.

What you need to do is follow the some simple steps and for each article you post on your blog just submit it to Yahoo Buzz and So if next time any one else click on the Yahoo Buzz! or Digg icon it will increase your vote count and also the article listed in Yahoo Buzz and Digg easily appears in the search engine. So your site get easy search traffic.

Additionally your site gets free external links from higher page rank site. Which will soon increase you site's individual pages' page ranks and which results in high paying ads are placed on your site and finally your revenue will be increased.

I will soon be posting the steps to integrate yahoo buzz and to each articles for blogger.

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